Its Official Xi Jinping is the Sun after Mao


With the 19th congress of the Communist Party of China coming to an end, the official narrative has tilted completely in favour of President Xi Jinping.

Xi is seemed to have consolidated his position in the CPC and has gained the trust of the majority of the cadres. The outcome has been so strange that the no successor was announced to Xi Jinping, which is a break from the past.

Li Zhanshu, Wang Yang, Wang Huning, Zhao Leji and Han Zheng were promoted, replacing five retiring members including anti-corruption chief Wang Qishan, a key Xi ally. All seven are in their 60s, and for the first time no Standing Committee member will have been born before the 1949 Communist revolution.

The new face of the Politburo of the CPC and the over whelming support offered to Xi due to the heavy crackdown on the corrupt comrades has given him a cutting edge over most other leaders. The corruption crusade led Xi to put at rest several dissenters and other prominent faces and elevate his handpicked comrades to key posts in the party.

The visions of Xi Jinping which rests of Chinese supremacy over the world has given the nationalists a new life since Mao. The command over the economy and the plans for the future have made his position more prominent because there existed a vacuum for so many years which has been filled by his strong and visionary leadership credentials.

The CPCC also decided unanimously to incorporate Xi Jinping’s thoughts in the Chinese Constitution as they were distinct and original. The strengthening of power at home by Jinping will now project him as an important figure in the global power tussle where he will utilise the resources at his bay.

With no successor likely chosen, he is set to complete another 10 years in power which is seen to be doing the rounds in the power corners of the world.

What this means for India in the longer run is that rather than looking at its western neighbour India needs to stay in touch with its eastern neighbour. The Chinese are trying to find ways of accommodating India in the Belt and Road Initiative which is a dream project of Xi Jinping, and now with his home turf behind him, he will engage with the global concerns with more assertiveness.

If the stability that Xi has secured gushes to his mind then he may lead into a disastrous tenure but with his credentials of being a calm and balanced leader, he will not give in to the temporary achievements.

On the other hand, India must also engage with America in a balanced manner while keeping the equations back home very stable for the Modi regime is up for an election in less than 2 year’s time. The recent events at the Sino-India border and the Pakistan heading towards a downfall, Indian and Chinese partnership will reap greater fruits for the region foster in longer and durable growth.

The Xi administration now will come down more heavily o the dissenters on the inside and will not let any outside disturbances come in their way of growth as Xi wishes to put this ‘Era of Global Growth Defined by China’.

In May next year, China will hold the world’s largest conference on Socialism, where they intend to involve researchers and left inclined politicians to engage with the Chinese Socialist model. The conference is being held to celebrate the birth anniversary of Karl Marx.

We look forward to enhanced Indian and Chinese involvement on all fronts in the future to secure regional balance and a peaceful atmosphere. This will aid in projecting India as a power with strong credentials and playing a balancing act globally.


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