Rex Tillerson seeks Indian Co-operation on Afghanistan Amongst Other Things


In a very hilarious remark by Indian Minster for External Affairs, Ms Sushma Swaraj, she said that US Secretary of State, Mr Rex Tillerson was ‘feeling safe in India’ after touring Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Rex Tillerson was sent on a mission by POTUS to brief the leaders in Afghanistan and Pakistan on the ‘new South Asia’ policy which will be pursued by the current regime.

This has kept observers in China and Pakistan in a tizzy over the growing bonhomie between the United States and India over the past few years which is seemingly taking new turns with enhanced involvement and co-operation.

In a last piece by this author, the demands of Rex Tillerson were examined which have amplified in scope. Rex Tillerson on his landing in the Afghan soil announced that Taliban may also help in transitioning of the strife torn nation to a stable democracy. The Tillerson visit was followed at the heels by a visit by Ashraf Ghani, President of Afghanistan who came on a one day working trip to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The moment comes when Xi Jinping has been elevated to the status equal to that of Premier Mao, which implies strengthening the Chinese position in the global-ecosystem. Recently the Chinese Foreign Secretary advised the Pakistani establishment to take extra care of its ambassador as it does not feel that Pakistan is a safe country.

Again, Tillerson followed the same pattern by telling Pakistan to end exporting terrorism to the bordering nations and overseas which affects the stability of the US as well. This was also followed by a review of the policy under which Pakistan has been obeying orders form the US to no avail.

Tillerson has made an attempt to create a stable atmosphere in Afghanistan which has had a long engagement with America, stretching for over 16 years now. The American concerns over Afghanistan now remain to stabilise the nation and leave it on its own.

The biggest thorn in the plan has been identified by US’ former friend Pakistan exporting terrorists to Afghanistan which only helps to derail the American plans. The civilian aid provided by India to Afghanistan has been unparalleled so far. India is known to provide healthcare, infrastructural assistance, education and training the military. This is just one spec of the wider economic investments made by Indian companies in Afghanistan and the FMCG sector which thrives overwhelmingly in creating a better Afghanistan.

Indian and Afghan establishments had urged the American leaders to talk the Pakistani authorities to reign in the terrorists which have the backing from the ISI and the Military of Pakistan.

Ms Swaraj also tried to ask Mr Tillerson to not to enact any detrimental H1B visa policy that may not serve the interests of the Indians pursuing their careers in the US. Tillerson assured that India and US have a bright future which means that US is looking at a strong ally in the South Asian region where it seeks to halt the ever-growing dragon from creating a situation of turmoil and balance of power.

Indian diplomacy is seen to have brought fruits and the improved trust of the leading nations in India is a good sign of a stronger leadership and will also benefit the nation overall.

Hope Pakistan plays its cards right this time before it is eventually declared as a ‘failed state’.


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