China appreciates India cosying up to America


In a regular briefing with the press yesterday,  ChineseForeign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang’s over question on increasing bon-homie between America and India, “we are pleased to see the development of friendly cooperation between the US, India, Pakistan and other countries around the globe. We hope that such relations are conducive to promoting regional peace and stability, enhancing mutual trust between regional countries and boosting regional development and prosperity.”

This statement has a very deep meaning towards the far-sightedness and the responsible approach towards the global power-equation. The enhanced co-operation betwen naions helps in promoting strong bilateral relations. This will be taken ahead over china’s willingness to welcome India on the belt and road initiative. This means that India and China need to promote regional prosperity with their enhanced involvement.

The Chinese stand will not get cleared with the inclusion of India in the BRI. The Chinese stand on many issues seems to be in consonance with the international obligations wherein the global outlook assumes collective growth.

The Indian side has acknowledged and with trust has accepted he construction along the border. This is again in tandem with the peaceful diplomacy of the Indian state.

The Indian diaspora needs a detailed road-map for inclusion with the world economy. The BRI, in India needs a heavy infrastructural boost and the situation that is on the track for improvement will need certain time and public administration becoming fast.

The Indian reservation is about the overall concerns of India and China that lie ahead for the future of the global economics.

This picture may get more clear when we see the American economy moving towards a more consumption based economy. While the Indian and the Chinese economies combined will make the largest economic whirlpool in the mankind.

The Indian talent has gone to the US and in the era of economic colonialism, the Socialist mode of economy may flourish, which may either be Marx based or Hitler based.

The Indian leadership has also initiated a holistic system upgrade, utilising the mixed economic traits. With the supply of Indian raw material to China and the bilateral trade reaching different dimensions, we may move ahead with the world’s largest economic bloc of the century.

Narendra Modi establishment has been faced with the most typical tasks of a lifetime, and the Indian narrative will take a better push with India becoming the world’s labour power.

The overall prospect in India is of a mutually dynamic partnership in trade and growth. The Indian side has moved ahead with weeding out its worms. The Kashmir issue will be resolved in a short-while as India has to move on to better things. With this we will move ahead with some serious issues in our society.



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