Arun Jaitley: Celebrate 8 November as "Anti-Black Money Day"


On 8th November last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the notes ban move that scrapped Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes overnight. So, for this reason, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today said November 8 will be observed as “anti-black money day”. Mr. Jaitley said today “Demonetisation was a big step,” The demonetisation anniversary celebration will be observed across the country to highlight the policy of the Modi government. The notes ban anniversary will help raise awareness about the importance of weeding out black money from the economy, the finance minister said. The Congress and other opposition parties have to observe ‘black day’ to protest the note ban announcement across states as per the announcement.

On Wednesday Finance minister Arun Jaitley addressed the press, a day after the government announced to infuse Rs 2.11 lakh crore in PSU banks claiming it a “significant credit positive” to l help address the problem of weak capitalisation.

December 9 and December 14, the press conference comes the day the Election Commission announced 2nd phase of election in Gujarat.

The highlights are as following:

  • 4.25pm: Those who ruined the nation are now giving sermons, says Jaitley.
  • 4.24pm: The change in confiscation of money but squeezing the quantum of cash was the objective of demonetisation: Jaitley
  • 4.23pm: Those who have never fought black money were too happy with laundering cash into the system: FM Jaitley.
  • 4.22pm: They had reconciled to India living with a shadow economy. It is understandable this would never be on political agenda of Congress leadership: FM
  • 4:21pm: The government has expanded digitisation and tax base across the country, says finance minister Arun Jaitley.
  • 4:20pm: Ownership of cash is not known, anyone can own cash. When cash gets deposited, it gets into the lawful system: FM Jaitley.
  • 4.19pm: The Congress had adequate opportunity at the time they were in power, but can’t recollect a single step that they took against black money: FM Jaitley
  • 4.18pm: I can’t remember a single step the Congress has taken to fight against black money, says the FM.
  • 4.17pm: EC is not supposed to be browbeaten by a disgruntled and losing political party: Arun Jaitley on Congress’ allegations
  • 4:16pm: The Congress was singing the praises of Election Commission when the Gujarat Rajya Sabha Election. The EC is duty-bound to act as per law.
  • 4:15pm: I can’t recollect a single significant step that they ever took against black money, Congress to be in power had got an adequate opportunity, says the FM.
  • 4:10pm: The government has expanded digitisation and tax base across the country, says finance minister Arun Jaitley.
  • 4:08pm: On 8th November 2017, BJP will celebrate ‘Anti-Black Money Day’ in the nation: FM Arun Jaitley.


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