Rex Tillerson: If Pakistan fails to act against Terrorists, US will get it done in a Different way


On Wednesday Rex Tillerson and the Pakistani Senate Asif had a meeting, in which he got a very clear view that they will not be getting any help regarding the terrorist attack, The U.S administration has now firmly told that they have there own way of adjusting things, if Pakistan fails to take any decisive action against the terror groups, state department official said on Thursday.

The spokesperson said that Tillerson during his visit to Pakistan told that it wants to work with Pakistan in a “positive way”, according to its leadership because it is also in Islamabad’s interest in long-term.

State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert told PTI that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has told Pakistan that “they must take action against terrorist groups and disassemble their safe havens on its soil,” after Tillerson’s’ trip.

Nauert said, “The problems of terrorism numerous times have been communicated with the Pakistan and now they must take decisive action against terrorist groups based within their own borders.”

Tillerson said the US had “a very healthy exchange of information on terrorists, which is what we really hope to achieve with Pakistan,” He further added in its message: “there are certain things what we need for Pakistan to do. We’re asking you to do this; we’re not demanding anything. You’re a sovereign country. You’ll decide what you want to do, but understand this is what we think is necessary. And if you don’t want to do that, don’t feel you can do it because we have our own way to adjust, we also have our own tactics and our strategies to achieve the same objective in a different way.”

Tillerson said that these are not the lectures to the Pakistani leaders, but yes obviously it was a good discussion with the Pakistani leadership as lecturing at all.

“It was a good exchange of thoughts. Rather than that, we probably listened to 80% of the time and we talked 20%. And it was important because I have not engaged with Pakistani leadership previously, so my objective was to listen a lot, to hear their perspective,” he said.

“We are putting our points and expectations forward in no uncertain terms. There has been significant engagement prior to my visit, and there will be further engagement in the future as well, as we work through how we want to exchange information and achieve the objective of eliminating these terrorist organizations, wherever they may be located,” Tillerson said.

He said, adding that he thinks that it was a very open, candid and clear exchange of words.“We had the joint meeting with Prime Minister Abbasi and the full leadership team. And then I had a second meeting with Army General Bajwa and a couple of his close advisers, so we could have a more thorough discussion about some of the specifics, nothing can be achieved only by lecture, but on the same time, we should be very clear about our expectations and about the things we are asking for. And either people will step up and meet those expectations or they won’t. We are going to chart our course consistent with what Pakistan not just says they do but what they actually do.”

He said that the entire South Asia strategy is a conditions-based strategy as regarding we can expect noting that the future course of action would be based on conditions of any other thing.Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif in a meeting with National Assembly Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs made it very clear saying that Pakistan will neither surrender to the US nor compromise on its sovereignty.

A list of 75 wanted terrorists has been put forward by U.S and made effort Islamabad for going tough on Haqqani network. But still, Asif claimed that no specific “wish list” has been given to Pakistan by the US. Responding to a question on Asif’s comments, the State Department spokesperson said that Tillerson on his trip has put the US’ “expectations” in front of the leadership of Pakistan.


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