Delhi: In Saket hospital Nigerians clash with Swords and Knives, know full story


“Nobody is immune from this gang problem,” one expert says.

According to a leading report, on Saturday in Delhi (Saket) a clash took place between two Nigerians gangs in a nursing home in Saket and turned violent, the number of gangs is on the rise across the country, as is gang-related violence, with no sign that it will let up anytime soon.

On Saturday morning in Saket’s Neelu Angel Nursing Home, the incident took place. After the clash, the hospital staff hide into the washrooms to save himself from them. As per the staffs’ information, at around 4 AM, three Nigerian men arrived at the hospital the men were badly wounded and more than a dozen other Nigerian men waited outside the hospital.

At the same time, another Nigerian man arrived in an auto and when the man entered the hospital premises. The men waiting outside spotted him and soon with their swords, knives started attacking members of the other gang. The security guard over there tried to handle the situation, he tried to stop them but he too was beaten up.

The hospital staff locked the gates of the hospital after the violence and hide in a bathroom to protect himself. The men over there fled the scene as the police arrived.


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