Rahul Gandhi commented Demonetisation was a Disaster, Disagrees to celebrate 'Anti-Black Money Day'


The NDA government, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi said the two major changes had ruined the country’s economy i.e GST and demonetisation. He also talked about the celebration of the anniversary of the note ban, as ‘Anti-Black Money Day’, on November 8, as per him the decision taken by the government had been a disaster.

Rahul after a meeting with former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the national capital said “November 8 is a sad day for India. But the BJP said that they will celebrate November 8 as ‘Anti-Black Money Day‘. I don’t know what is there to celebrate,”

He further said “PM has failed to understand the pain the country’s poor have gone through. He still hasn’t accepted the reality. Demonetisation was an out and out disaster.”

As per Rahul, the decision taken by the Prime Minister affected the people of our nation to a large extent, he before taking any decision should have understood the feelings of the nation’s proletariat and give up the plan to hold festivities for a policy decision which resulted in the number of deaths.

Earlier, the Congress general secretaries discussed note ban anniversary and concluded that they will join the celebration of ‘Black Day’, but now as per the current sources, it has been informed that on November 8, Rahul had discussed plans for the nationwide protests.

The Narendra Modi government implemented the note ban on 2016 by marking the note ban anniversary as Black Day, and almost 18 opposition parties have banded together against it.

Finance minister Arun Jaitley had declared that the government will celebrate November 8 as ‘Anti-Black Money Day’  and he also requested all the counter opposition campaign, including all prominent leaders, union ministers, state ministers to participate in programmes across the country.


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