At least 200 killed after tunnel collapses at North Korea’s nuclear test site: Report


Japan’s Asahi TV reported on Tuesday that more than 200 people were killed when tunnels at North Korea’s Punggye-ri nuclear test site crashed after the test of hydrogen bomb last month. No less than 100 people were killed in the first attack and there was a collapse during a rescue operation, which took the death toll number to more than 200 people, the report said. “It is believed that the ground was loose due to the sixth nuclear test conducted on September 3,” Asahi TV reported.

The Korea Meteorological Agency, on the other hand, said that the test with the hydrogen bomb had generated a hole of 60 to 100 meters under the mountain where the nuclear site is. The agency further added that there is a risk that radioactive substances may leak out in the future if more nuclear tests are conducted at the same site. The National Intelligence Service (NIS) of South Korea has said that North Korea was probably making two new tunnels for tests following the test of the hydrogen bomb. The first tunnel used for the nuclear test had been closed, whereas a second tunnel had been used for the next five years. The experts said that the second tunnel could also collapse following the test of the hydrogen bomb.


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