“Dubai is Danger" I will not go Back,” Indian Migrant said, know WHY?


Chittam, 45, a daily wage labourer in Dubai, is the second migrant worker from the village to have died in Dubai in September and among the nearly 450 Indian migrant workers shipped home in body bags since 2014.

Ankathi Gangadhar, the former village head of Kalleda “There were three deaths (of workers from the village) last year as well. We were told Chittam died of a stroke, but he was healthy when he came home for a visit last month,” Another local man, aged 24, died in Dubai last month after suffering a heart attack, villagers said.

Dubai Worker Sleep

For decades, people have migrated from Telangana:

  • Largely rural region with the tech hub of Hyderabad as its capital
  • Indian cities such as Mumbai and to the Gulf, unable to make a living from farming, mainly due to water scarcity.
  • About 10,000 people migrate to the Gulf states every year from Telangana
  • And about 200 on average from Kalleda, according to government figures.

Suresh Reddy, an officer from Telangana who has worked on the migration issue said “When individuals started going away for Gulf states (in the 1980s), this region was reeling from years of drought, they had no choice however to migrate, once they left, there have been some economic gains however they paid an important value for it – operating in inhuman conditions and going away their families behind.”

Chittam’s worked in an urban center for thirteen years, his annual savings seldom exceeded 12,000 Indian rupees ($185) and he sent home 4,000 to 5,000 rupees each few months. He visited his wife and 2 kids simply 5 times throughout that time. “He was getting to come back permanently next year once creating to a small degree extra money,” Gangadhar said as his wife looked, numb and impassive.

Chitla said “I saw lots of misery there, employees were underpaid and poorly treated. They were cheated by their agents with false guarantees thus I assumed I’d come and produce a modification. They don’t visit doctors once they square measure unwell to avoid wasting cash,” Chitla further added that deaths attributed to pathological state square measure usually owing to consumptive work conditions.

Workers in Gulf Country

Government figures show their square measure some half-dozen million Indian migrants within the six Gulf states:

  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabian Peninsula
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Oman

According to official knowledge, over 30,000 Indian nationals died within the Gulf states between 2005 and 2015.

The UAE embassy in Indian capital said in an emailed statement the Gulf state had introduced a wage protection system for foreign employees and a “Know Your Rights” campaign in 5 languages. As a government-authorised agent, Chitla’s job is to make sure migrants perceive their job contracts, the leader doesn’t alter the terms of employment later, which all the work of the somebody is honest and complete. However, he fails to draw in a similar range of employees as criminal agents.

“There square measure a minimum of 50 unaccredited agents who square measure causation many employees. I actually have sent 48 up to now,” Chitla aforementioned.

Chandrasekhar Boragalla, 26, a father of 2, had AN interview in a very sea-front workplace for a cleaner’s job in urban center. “I paid 70,000 rupees to the agent for this job. after I reached there, they created American state sign a biennial bond for earnings a lot of under what was secure. I wasn’t even got 3 months. I used to be asked to pay 85,000 rupees for leave to travel home,” he said.

“It’s not enough. Dubai is danger. I will not go back,” he said.

Water, jobs

Land rights lawyer Sunil Reddy, who takes up cases of the rural poor said “They are marginal farmers and own less than 5 acres (2 hectares) of land which does not support their families. Water is scarce as this is a rain-fed region When Telangana was created as a separate state in 2014, two promises were made – more jobs and more irrigation water. But the situation is the same.”

Laxmi Malaya is a widow, she has a small piece of land on which she grows maize, turmeric and rice. Two harvests yielded an annual income of about Rs 60,000, which supplemented the money her husband sent home.

Migrant rights campaigners are seeking a compensation for the widows of Gulf migrants.

Activist Bheem Reddy said “Compensation is their right. The money workers send back is pumped into the state’s economy,” Jayesh Ranjan, principal secretary with the Telangana government said financial compensation for widows has been proposed as part of the state’s Non Resident Indian policy.


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