Microphone, Bluetooth, Google Drive, used by IPS officer to Cheat in UPSC exam


In the recent UPSC mains exam which was held on Monday IPS officer Safeer Karim caught red-handed by the invigilator using inappropriate methods in the examination, the examiner found him cheating in the UPSC (mains) examination in Chennai.

As per the recent reports, it has been said that Safeer trawled the darknet to find ways to beat invigilators at the exam centre, But all resulted in vain because the examiner caught him red-handed.

During UPSC mains exam Karim used a micro camera, which was mounted on his chest and connected to Google drive. The camera would scan the paper and send through Google drive to the intended recipient. In this act, Karim’s wife played a very crucial role.

IPS Officer

His wife Joicy Joyce who was in Hyderabad. Helped Karim by giving him the answers orally, which would reach him through Bluetooth. If the voice was not audible, he would write on a paper with a pencil, which he would scan again and send to his wife. She would then speak louder.

Dr P Rambabu, is the director of La Excellence IAS Study Circle at Ashoknagar in Hyderabad, helped Joyce by assisting her, Both Karim and Rambabu were good friends, he provided hi-tech support to her to help her husband cheat in the UPSC examination. Both Dr P Rambabu and Joicy used computers, laptops, an iPad and other gadgets to transmit answers to Karim.

Inspector S Srinivas Rao Hyderabad central zone task force said “We have handed both the accused to a team of Chennai police headed by a DCP rank officer P Aravindan. They are interrogating the accused now in Hyderabad, before taking them to Chennai.”

The officer further gave the details that “Both Karim and Joyce are from Kerala. He was selected for IPS in 2015 and underwent training at the Sardar Vallabbhai Patel National Police Academy in Hyderabad. He was assigned to TN cadre. But, he was not satisfied with the selection for IPS. He was impatient on becoming IAS, he resorted to the malpractice.”

“An IAS coaching centre was set up by Karim, it was in the name of Karim’s La Excellence in Thiruvananthapuram in collaboration with Rambabu,” as because both of them were in good terms.

Presently Karim was serving as additional superintendent of police in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli district, and now the Hyderabad police arrested Joyce and Rambabu, on Tuesday for allegedly helping Karim to cheat in the civil services examination, the Chennai police tipped off their Hyderabad counterparts for the arrest. The police even seized computer hard disks, laptops, an iPad and other gadgets from them and handed them over to the Chennai police.


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