China is Planning to divert water from Brahmaputra River, India must have Water-Sharing agreement with them


On Tuesday Indian defence experts shared his views about the new upcoming project which China is going to handle the water-sharing agreement. From a very long time, this news was out that China is planning something big to divert the flow of Brahmaputra.

The leading mind of our country gave an opinion that Chinais eyeing to divert water from River Brahmaputra its Xinjiang region since both the countries don’t have any water-sharing agreement, China’s decision can violet international peace. China has a wider plan which can cause, the political unrest among two nations.

China is already known for its technique and now they are using their testing techniques in building a 1,000km long tunnel-the world’s longest-to divert water from the Brahmaputra in Tibet to the parched Xinjiang region in China. Defence expert Uday Bhaskar said that Chinese efforts clearly violate international norms.

Uday Bhaskar, a defence expert said, “It’s a very disturbing report that now Chinawants to embark on a so-called longest tunnel of the world and divert water from the Brahmaputra. India, Chinaand Bangladesh don’t have a joint treaty for the management of Brahmaputra, except the international norms that say if you are an upper riparian then you have to be very cognizant of the water sharing and how any project would affect lower riparian, in this case- Indiaand Bangladesh. China in past has said that they are only doing permissible projects, but diverting water into a 1,000 km tunnel is really a different project.”

As per the defence expert, If China diverts Brahmaputra water then it could have the seismic impact, India is ready to examine the change and along with it Bangladesh as well will have to examine the degree to which this is not in compliance with either law or practice.

Another matter of concern according to the defence expert is that if China diverts Brahmaputra’s water then it could have the seismic impact. As “Some experts have suggested that this could heighten the possibility of an earthquake.”

V Mahalingam another defence expert focused on the emphasise that India must have a water sharing agreement with China, as it will give benefit to both the countries.

Mahalingam said “China has been diverting waters to River Brahmaputra for their hydroelectric projects. Unfortunately,  India and China don’t have a river water sharing agreement. It will not only affect India but Bangladesh besides other northeastern states. Water is going to be a very important resource in the future. This matter should be brought to the notice of the world bodies as the sufferers are going to be the common man. The countries which share the water of Brahmaputra need to have a comprehensive river water sharing agreement with China.”

China had plans to divert water from the Yarlung Tsangpo River in southern Tibet, which totally turns the Brahmaputra once it enters India. Previously also China took various steps to build dams on the Brahmaputra and India has already raised concerns about it. China has told India and Bangladesh that dams are not designed to store water.


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