PM Modi twists Bhagavad Gita’s saying to suit his interests, alleges Rahul Gandhi


The Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi decidedly criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his performance, saying that the PM twists a saying from Bhagavad Gita to suit his interests. “It says in the Gita, ‘Do your work, don’t worry about the fruits of your labour’. Modiji’s interpretation is ‘Eat up the fruits of others’ labour, don’t worry about doing any work,” said the 47-year-old leader at an election rally in poll-bound Himachal Pradesh.

Both PM Modi and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi have been going against each other in their election rallies in Himachal and Gujarat, which are expecting the elections very soon. The 47-year-old leader recently called the Goods and Services Tax (GST) ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’. He also alleged that GST and demonetization are the two hindrances behind India’s growth. On the other hand, the PM Modi said on Sunday that the elections in Himachal Pradesh have become “one-sided” as the Congress has “run away from the battlefield”. PM Modi said at a rally in Una that “The elections in Himachal Pradesh have become one-sided. Congress has run away from the battlefield”. In a reply to it, Gandhi asked Modi government on Sunday to “vacate its seat” if it finds itself not able to put a stop to unemployment and price rise.

Gandhi tweeted about the recent hike in LPG prices with an article that “महंगी गैस, महंगा राशन, बंद करो खोखला भाषण, दाम बांधो, काम दो, वर्ना खाली करो सिंहासन (Expensive gas, expensive rations, stop your hollow speeches. Control prices, give employment, or vacate the seat)”.


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