Delhi air pollution goes at its peak as temperature falls at season’s coldest, condition may go worse


On Wednesday, the Delhi’s pollution levels increased further as a toxic haze thickened across the city, impacting millions of people witnessing harsh health hazards in the national capital. As the additional pollutants pouring from surrounding areas inside the national capital, it will further create the condition worse. As the high altitude wind was conveying in polluted air from the neighboring states, the experts said that lack of ground wind was thwarting disbursal of the pollutants.

“Conditions are likely to deteriorate as pollutants are not getting flushed out. More pollutants are coming in from regions where stubble burning is on and it is adding to the local emissions,” said a senior Central Pollution Control Board official. The primary section of schools was closed on Wednesday as the government started certain steps to save from harm young lungs from the polluted air, which is said to be a result of vehicular pollution and crop excess burning in neighboring states like Haryana and Punjab. The Delhi government has also ordered schools do not have outdoor activities for senior classes. The Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal expressed the city as a “gas chamber” just a day before.

According to the officials, the average air quality index (AQI) raised to 463 on Wednesday as compared to 448 on Tuesday. The officials added that in some monitoring stations at Punjab Bagh, Shadipur, Mathura Road and Lodhi Road the AQI had crossed 480. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court-appointed Environment Pollution and Control Authority (EPCA) ordered a four-time hike in a parking fee and a cut in metro fare in an emergency like situation arises and to restrain from it. The EPCA has also asked governments of Delhi and neighboring states to plan for road rationing, commonly known as odd-even scheme if pollution levels touch the emergency doorstep. Describing New Delhi as a “public health emergency state”, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Tuesday issued a strict warning on potential health hazards.



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