Successive Governments Have Failed to Contain Pollution


With the National Green Tribunal taking shots at the Central Government for alarming Air Quality Index in the Delhi NCR region, the entire north India grapples with dense smog covering the skies amounting to reduced visibility and possible health issues.

The measures that were taken by the government including the odd-even vehicular movement have failed to bear any fruits. The governments at the Centre as well as the NCT/States have failed to take any measures the environmental concerns of the region which is dealing with overpopulation and lack of proper mechanism to implement various programmes and initiatives of the government.

The AQI in Delhi reaching 448 is just another mayhem, which is grave in various parts of the country, at various levels and attributes to various reasons. The foremost reasons of the upheaval are due to the uncontrolled stubble burning and industrial pollution. These are only a few factors other than the pollution caused by the heavy traffic of not only the vehicles, but the trains and the air traffic which contributes equally to the heavy pollution levels in the capital.

The architects of the modern India have not realised the importance of preserving dense green belts and promoting more greenery in the urban areas and addressing the issue of waste incineration at dumps. The pollution levels are also raised by the particulate matter accumulating in the air by the heavy infrastructural development being carried out in the NCR without paying any heed to the environmental norms in the region.

This author is situated in the city of Lucknow, and unfortunately is also not very great. The AQI is at a staggering 403 figure with no mass mobilisation in the favour of saving the city’s environment. The satellite imagery of the entire north Indian region shows large tracts of land grappling with smog. If this is not alarming to the residents and the governments today, then we may need more push for the health sector addressing various health complexities due to aggravating environmental quality.

The AAP government in Delhi could not offer any solutions before the NGT when asked to come out with immediate measure to rehabilitate the air quality, while the rampant pollution levels across the country don’t seem to have been raising any calls of attention.

The air quality will soon reach all time lows with the air becoming dense due to falling temperatures causing discomfort not only to the humans but also every living being in its vicinity. The horticultural studies have indicated that dense air causes the floral kingdom to consume less of carbon dioxide and the absence of sun affects the photosynthesis capacities of the green beings altogether to yield in more degraded air quality.

The solutions that could not be provided lie round the corner to start with, yet the government that was willing to share the burden of the metro fare hike, cries shortage of funds to even start with eco-friendly and rehabilitation projects!

The private sector in India also does not embrace the enviro-tech businesses to bloom and provide solutions to our problems. This is a clear lack of farsightedness and the will to deal with environmental issues.

The governments and the citizenry must act in haste and deal with the issues that are detrimental to our environment and are not conducive for the survival of future generations, because it is a proverb, “jaan hai toh jahaan hai”, what will we do with state of the art infrastructure and well-paying jobs when our lives will be at risk because of the air we breathe!!



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