The Arabic Shuffle: Cr. Prince Salman's Crackdowns and More


The recent crack down by the crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman of the Al Saud dynasty, made a bold move wherein he imprisoned more than half of the Arab oligarchy and other Royal contenders. The move distorted the traditional allegiances and power equations in the tribes assuming power roles in the administration of the world’s largest and the OPEC’s dominant nations elites.

Prince Salman, often addressed as the aggressive and reformist in the military bastions, has vowed to pledge the future of the Saudi people by exploring more options for the economy over petroleum exports. He envisions a Saudi post exhausting of the petroleum reserves. The over-all political discourse in Saudi has a deep meaning not only for the Arab world but all the nations at large because the world depends on the oil exports from the oil rich lands of the central Asia.

The recent moves where the six-year-old Ritz Carlton hotel at Riyadh has been converted into one of the world’s most luxurious prisons, overnight, has witnessed a peaceful sidelining of the oligarchy and the widespread royal family in a capture.

The move has been observed as an exercise with a variety of perspectives across the world, yet the Arab world has taken it to be a show of power. It is very peculiar to observe that prince Salman has been dealing with the dignitaries coming from other nations and has been holding negotiations along side policy formulations for the country’s economy and defence manoeuvres.

Prince Salman has been a critic of the Iran led militias in Yemen and Syria, and has raked up its efforts in trying to crush the Iran led forces on all fronts. The Saudi policy is also aimed at dominating the political narrative of the region by wresting absolute dominance over the whole political game-play.

Prince Salman in his bid to consolidate his position back home has also captured the two most powerful media moguls of the region and has also locked up Bakr Bin Laden, the director of the Saudi Bin Laden Group. With the elites locked in, Prince Salman gets the ground to control the entire administration and wield enormous power over the masses.

Prince Salman has also snatched the Saudi narrative by unveiling his plans to build a neo modern city, Neom which will focus on the new economic avenues and usher in a new society. Prince Salman has also se his eyes on the cultural revolution in the nation which is needed thus in his bid to purge the land, he has also attempted to sideline the clergy, that have till now enjoyed a great say.

With Prince Salman being nominated as the Director of th world’s largest oil conglomerate, Aramco, he has his hands on the purse of the nation while at the same time controlling the military.

The strongman who will soon take over as the King of the nation will have to deal with these challenges carefully, as they create turbulent markets worldwide by affecting the oil prices globally.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has met the crow prince and he shares a good rapport with him. The Indo-Arab trade has also seen a growth in the past one year which will invent the future of a new trade base when prince becomes a King. The Modi regimes’ agenda of reform and economic revival is backed by low oil prices, thus, the government must immediately create alternative channels for oil procurement and engage in communication with the Saudi government for cooperation on all fronts to sustain the global crash.


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