Trump's Trek to China


The motor-mouth American President Donald Trump who has taken a beating in the recent provincial elections is on a 11-day tour to visit the East Asian nations. The first stop being Japan, followed by South Korea and now he is in China.

The President is under fire over alleged involvement of Russians in running an anti-Hillary campaign that led to his eventual victory. Trump has made many rough remarks during his campaign for the Chinese people and has also threatened the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un of dire consequences in the past.

With Xi Jinping consolidating his position back home, and being declared as the most powerful leader of China of Secretary Mao, he is set to move forward with his bold plans for the world that usher in a ‘century of China’.

Donald Trump has taken the threats and the tests conducted by the North Korean leader as a seriously which has made him open a channel to improve communications with the leader. The North Korea has very deep relations with China, which is known to the world.

Donald Trump in Seoul asked Kim Jong to come to the negotiation table and not to pursue the path of destruction which will not be good for the future, as Americans don’t intend to be intimidated.

The White House officials have reportedly been working on crafting the President for taking a responsible visit with the Chinese as he will have to stay and observe the protocols followed by the Chinese establishment. China is now one of the most stable producing economies of the world, in fact paralleled by none!

Donald Trump who has receded much of the ground back home due to criticism and negative propaganda needs to work on his poll promise, ‘make America great again’.

The issues that are supposedly on the cards with the Chinese include the restructuring of the global economic trends in favour of promoting innovations in the US and working in close collaboration with the Chinese after the Brexit happens. The Chinese economic might will need the diplomatic ties of the Americans and with China and America sharing the dais together the world seem a better balanced place.

Indian Take-Aways:-

India has shared a stable equation with the American establishment while the Chinese have had their reservations. With Trump looking for a bargain with Xi, Modi must make sure that the diplomacy pursued by India towards the Chinese is not inclined to outrage the dragon. The Tiger has its own advantages in the global economic scenario, while the Dragon has its own. The China-India partnership will be a powerhouse for the world, and the potential with co-operation will make the two largest populations of the world narrate the future of the generations to come.

India must engage in a detailed dialogue with the Chinese to iron out the border differences and settle the equations with Pakistan. India must also not let the internal sovereignty of the nation decide the stands of the global political intercourse, thus must sideline certain differences and indulge Xi in a direct mediation.

The Trilateral meeting of Modi, Trump and Xi must send important signals to the world, and for it to be a reality, there has to be a great deal of homework done by the deputies of all the nations, and accord a status to India in the security council.



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