Rise of Green Politics in India


With the entire North Indian sub continent reeling under dense smog, being alarmed by the degrading air quality, the shift in the political battles seems to be coming over to environmental issues soon.

The World Climate Conference that is being held in Bonn, Germany, a study by an independent research organization has revealed that India is one of the 10 developing countries in the world that are moving ahead of the schedule to meet their commitments under the pre- 2030 programme.

This is astonishing and a very thought provoking revelation when the Belgian and British royal families descended in New Delhi to find the city more polluted than ever at an alarming level.

The Arvind Kejriwal led government in Delhi has shot off letters to Captain Amarinder Singh and Manohar Lal Khattar, Chief Ministers of Punjab and Haryana respectively. In his letter Kejriwal has reportedly made a plea for an urgent meeting to tackle the problem faced by the region due to excessive stubble burning.

Now the fact that has to be brought to the broader domain is that Kejriwal did not seem to assess that the problem of stubble burning across the state of Uttar Pradesh led by Yogi Adityanath.

The image shows the North Indian region covered with dense aerosols and smog.


The scientific analysis of the  problem being faced by Delhi has been the lack of dispersal of air due to the gas chamber like conditions being created in the region by westerly and moisture rich easterly winds. The winds which when combine with dust particles and particulate matter are creating a shield and a photo-chemical reaction leads to production of ozone which creates a gas chamber.

These phenomenon have not been debated in open politics before, while the issues that are being addressed in India are more naturally materialistic than touching the nature, naturally.

Captain Amarinder Singh has shot off to Narendra Modi asking for the involvement of the Central Environment Ministry along with urgent help from the central government. The outcomes have not been anticipated yet because the political brass has, though, been talking about these issues for over two decades now but no concrete action has been taken yet.

The Indian Medical Association has declared a medical emergency and has also urged the citizens to take due precautions to mitigate risks. These all may not be very effective given the fact that the Delhi/ NCR region is one of the most environmentally mismanaged places in our country.

Though our PM has initiated a campaign of Swacch Bharat and combating open defecation, yet the overall awareness and implementation has not seen much of progress. The environmental concerns over other issues remain the preserve of the select few.

The political narrative of the BJP also beats around cleaning the river Ganges through Namami Gange, while the progress made therein has been slow, the shifting trends to include environmental issues will pick a  greater momentum now.

The worsening air quality cannot just be attributed to one factor that is the stubble burning. The burning and bursting of fire crackers is just a catalyst that aggravates the entire process of pollution being carried on for over years now.

This has to be tackled by actual setting up of political environmental goals because this not only impacts the lives but impacts the preference of North India as a preferred location for multinational businesses to commence operations in such a hazardous location.

With the environment roaring at us, we see the green movements in political circles picking up pace and the issues in the upcoming elections will not be about development, but sustainable development and investing in addressing change in the social

Will the Indian Socio-Political Consciousness move on to Environment

and administrative spheres to have a sympathetic attitude towards environment.


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