The Policing System and the Ryan Murder


Last month the Allahabad High Court in its judgement which has been analysed by this author earlier, the Court while examining the investigations done by the Noida Police and then the CBI. Both the investigation pointed in different directions and analysed that there are flaws in the investigation which was also marred by corroboration of evidence and doctoring of facts. The Court even went to challenge the veracity of the entire chain of events. The verdict led to the release of the Talwar couple and posed serious questions on the efficiency of the investigative agencies.

The Prime Minister has talked about Police reforms, and the Cabinet Committee on Security, approved INR 25,000 crores for over two years to be invested in upgrading the Police establishments across the country, the structural and basic reforms needing immediate change have been left out.

The murder in Gurugram’s Ryan School, is not one of the most enlightening incidents bringing to the light the state of affairs of the investigative agencies in our country.

The murder of the 7-year-old child Pradyuman Thakur, was a shameful incident because it took place in the premises of the school during the morning assembly when the child’s throat was slit in the washroom. The investigation was led by the Crime Branch of the Gurugram Police and the ex-CBI DGP was the one leading the investigation.

The investigation being done by the Police framed the bus driver who was caught loitering around the crime scene in the cameras. The disclosure raised all the eyebrows because the crime was supposedly committed without any motive. the bus driver was not even taken to be a serial killer. The Police exhausted all the possible options available like drug trafficking, molestation and anything suspicious that Master Thakur could have got to know of!

Taking the leads from the same, the CBI initiated its own investigation and hinted that another student of the school of the 11 standard committed the crime because he wanted the exams to be postponed and the parent-teacher meet to be differed. The behavioural analysis of the child also did not amount to any culpability which has been affirmed by various sources. The child incriminated is the son of a lawyer, and the bar association earlier had passed a resolution to not to give any counsel to the accused, the bus driver.

The investigation if correct will have to be done thoroughly and the juvenile will have to go through quick and effective psycho-analysis. The effect if the entire investigation is a botched up story, just to add feathers to the CBI,will be awkward.

The punch in the story is that two agencies pointing in different directions, is not helping i catching the real culprit, but is adding to conundrum and leading to an adverse situation. The Police and the CBI must hold brainstorming sessions and the investigation must be met with the real outcomes of the incident.

The Courts must also assume a greater role this time to bring the truth to the fore and hold detailed inquiry in a time bound manner. The outcomes will be the truth as it affects the safety of the citizens and makes us think about the state apparatus that labours to protect us.


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