We’ll reduce GST rate to flat 18% in 2019, says Rahul Gandhi


The Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi emerges confident that his party will win the next general elections because he said if BJP doesn’t reduce the GST tax rate to a flat 18 percent “we will do it in 2019”. The 47-year-old politician said that he’s not happy even though the Centre cut the GST rate yesterday on more than 200 items from 28% to 18%. He also added that India “doesn’t need” five different tax slabs and GST regime requires a structural fix.

“We are not happy. We want the ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’ to be abolished and people get one tax slab of GST. We want only one 18 percent tax slab. If BJP does not do it we will do it in 2019,” said Gandhi who was speaking from the campaign trail in Gandhinagar in poll-bound Gujarat. Gandhi defines Goods and Services Tax (GST) as “Gabbar Singh Tax”. The Congress Vice-President defines GST as villainous as Gabbar Singh, which is an iconic villain from Hindi cinema. He further added that it was the pressure put on the government by ordinary people and government that made the government slash some rates in the GST.

By moving 80 percent of the items in the top 28 percent tax bracket list to lower rates, the government yesterday made the biggest change in the four-month-old GST regime. More than 200 items’ tax rates were slashed of which 178 items their rates had cut to 18 percent from 28 percent. Rahul said, “I went to Surat (in Gujarat) and people there work day in and day out of the country. But BJP has not helped these small traders but has helped big industrialists.” Gandhi against brought up the case of Nano car plant in Gujarat and said that “The BJP gave Rs 30,000 crore to Nano and we (instead) spent Rs 35,000 crore on MANREGA”.


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