APEC: The Quadrilateral Power Punch


On the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accorded his approval to align with the new Quadrilateral. The Quadrilateral is a grouping of four nations who are looking forward to create balance in the Asia-Pacific Region.

The Quadrilateral absorbs in it one of the most stale economies and powerful nation of the region who aim at countering the Chinese expansionist and shrewd policies. The move has caught all the eyes of China, where Mrs Trump has stayed back while Mr Trump mingles with the ASEAN and APEC leaders.

The move was initiated by Japan which has seen Shinzo Abe aiming to seek better economic and geo-strategic alliances in the wake of Xi Jinping getting absolute grips on Chinese soil. The Chinese have an advantage and use military threats towards its neighbours to coerce them in to committing errands which forms the crux of the Maoist philosophy.

The Chinese have grown resurgent and Xi’s call to make this century the century of China, has alarmed the global community. The Americans are in anal time low. With the American economy taking a dip and the revival of protectionism, the prospects of American economy performing better is a distant dream.

The power tussle that is being currently witnessed in Saudi, is also pointing towards tough times for all economies as oil prices may shoot up. The Chinese Belt and Road Initiative may see a polarised world in the near future with the political decisions leading to economic warfare between the developing and the developed nations.

The Chinese have also threatened the South China Sea and have built the artificial islands claiming the land as Chinese Territory. The more complex problem lies in the polarisation of the world. China is the closest ally of North Korea, and the erratic leader of North Korea Kim-Jong-un has threatened the US time and again with its nuclear weapons.

The world sees a self-styled and all-powerful China may seem to ‘dictate’ the future of the world, thus to counter the same Japan, India, US and Australia have joined hands to partner up in progress.

The Brexit and the Euro crisis have only one outcome to benefit trade with the Chinese as they produce everything for everybody. Thus the world will have to look for alliances with more sound economic might and democratic credentials to lead the world through any crisis.

The Quadrilateral has the aim to counter China and forge a mutually sustainable alliance to give the world an alternate in the Asia-Pacific region. The group leaders met and discussed the details of tackling a resurgent China.

Australia has its own strategic interests as it is one island continent and has not played any roles in the global power games, yet the Chinese have made their presence felt even in the Antarctica. The naval diplomacy by Chinese also poses a threat to the Australian waters.

The Quadrilateral has something on offer for all the countries and the US will provide the clout needed by all the other nations that they don’t possess in the global politicosphere.


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