The Wrath of Cow Vigilantes & Gau Mata's Appeal


Not that the author does not revere the Cow, but it seems the author cares for the cow more than the vigilantes. The author grew up in family which revered the cow for being very sweet an animal. The animals that ca be domesticated are preferably dog and cats and a few more.

Yet I believe that many Hindu households and specially one in the gramin kshetra know what a lovely animal a cow can be! The cow is one of the most emotional animals, if we as humans look for a serious response to our emotions from an animal. This author recalls a cow who used to visit our doorstep at 11:30, because that was the time when the author’s mother used to make fresh chapatis, and the Cow was also served with one. The cow never used to eat more than one chapati with ghee and jaggery.

The same cow had grown so fond of our love that she used to wait at our doorstep each day with her calves and used to shoo all the dogs who used to approach the author’s mother. Further we also had a cow who was utterly taken care of. The cow, waited for the caretaker to milch her first for us then she used feed her calves with her milk.

Reading between the lines, the animal knows the emotion of love for the ones who take her care. Today, despite the entire politicisation and monetisation of the Cow Vigilantism business, the cows seem to be in poor state where they stroll on our streets and consume the filth and plastics to feed themselves.

The governments, one after the other, have considerably failed to provide shelter to the cows loitering around. Even the motormouth ministers have done nothing to provide shelter and care to the lovely bovine.

The Hindu households of today, don’t pay the required respects to the ow unless some shastri advises them to feed a cow on Thursdays for economic gains!

The author loved the fact that Mother Dairy and Amul have started marketing cow milk, which to my amazement tastes good. The author also visited the Patanjali’s gaushala which was very hygienic and they were meting out proper care to the cow.

This was one of the things that really make a difference rather than blind vigil on slaughterers. The cow protection movement must initiate a source to generate revenues to provide the required care and market the products of cow’s milk which are actually healthy.

The cow’s milk has nourishing qualities which cannot be compared to any other milch animal. The cow’s milk has less fat (saturated and unsaturated), also helps decreasing cholesterol which has been proved by various scientific studies.

The gau rakshaks, must move to creativity rather than killing people who ferry cows on the suspicion of slaughter. The gau rakshaks must innovate modern facilities and do some labour to market the milk and allied products obtained from cow’s milk.

It is not about the Vedic culture but substantial health measures. It is high time now before another death in the name of cow takes place and Gau mata’s actual needs remain unresolved.

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