Demolition of a State: SC Verdict on Delhi's Political Status


The Supreme Court of India in its judgement yesterday declared that the Parliament has full authority to make laws regarding any matters concerning the State/ NCT of Delhi. This verdict has the effect of demolishing the powers of the Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi Government, which had approached the SC for adjudication on frequent interference in the matters of administration by the Lieutenant-Governor of Delhi.

This marks a new chapter in the powers concerning the NCT of Delhi. The SC verdict out-rightly disrespected the mandate of the people by giving a perverse interpretation to the provisions of the Constitution whereby the Parliament has been given the blunt powers to overpower the State Legislature.

This judgment has very wide implications when the citizenry comes to face with the issues that have not been resolved so far. The blame will be shifted upon the BJP led central government for the failures of the Delhi Government.

The SC clearly gave riding powers to the Centre in terms of the lists contained in the Constitution whereby the State government are being reduced to mere puppets in the hands of the Central government.

The SC verdict is flawed in as much as it fails to reach out to the intention of the Constitution makers whereby they created a separate legislative machinery to manage the NCT of Delhi.

The NCT of Delhi has one of the most complex habitats in India which is faced with many problems faced by the developing modern world. The Parliament on the other hand has assumed wider roles, which are ever-expanding; in the light of this how does one expect the Centre to be ruling the NCT?

The SC verdict has also not been able to explain to us, that if the State Government has not teeth, then what will it bite on, which means why there is a state government at all!

The SC verdict has also pushed the blame of all failures of the Arvind Kejriwal led AAP government on the Centre, and the L-G, whereby Kejriwal’s calls that the Centre meddles with his functioning also stand affirmed.

The judgement needs to debated in the intellectual circles and the people need to be given with an explanation as to why do they elect representatives if the Central government is the ultimate legislative and executive authority for the NCT of Delhi.

The future of Delhi with this verdict assuming significance will bloom to one of chaos and anarchy only amounting to discomforting the general citizenry. The prospects of the future being brim, the masses will have to demand more administrative and legislative rights from the State to address issues like underdevelopment, crime, and general administration among environmental and congestion issues.



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