World will not tolerate North Korea’s ‘nuclear blackmail’, says US President Trump


The US President Donald Trump has cautioned North Korea that the world will not tolerate what he called its “nuclear blackmail”, promising an international campaign of “maximum pressure” on Pyongyang, including by China. Just a day after returning from his marathon trip to Asia, Trump said in a televised statement that “I made clear that we will not allow this twisted dictatorship to hold the world hostage to nuclear blackmail”.

Trump added that Chinese leader Xi Jinping had pledged to use Beijing’s economic influence over Pyongyang to complete denuclearization in the North. The US leader said that “President Xi recognizes that North Korea is a great threat to China”. “President Xi recognizes that a nuclear North Korea is a grave threat to China, and we agreed that we would not accept a so-called “freeze for freeze” agreement like those that have consistently failed in the past. We made that time is running out and we made it clear, and all options remain on the table,” said President Trump. He added that they are responding North Korea by finishing the trade, restricting financial ties to the regime and sacking North Korean diplomats and workers.


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