Former Tech Company man Raped more than 50 Women, says cops


The city police said on Thursday that a 28-year-old former employee of a software company they had arrested for a robbery was a serial rapist who may have sexually assaulted more than 50 women in Chennai. The investigators stumbled upon the crimes of Madhan Arivalagan, a native of Mathur in Krishnagiri district, later they took him in for questioning in connection with in assaulting, inspected his cellphone and were shocked by what they found recorded on the device.

An investigating officer told TOI that “Arivalagan sexually assaulted women after trapping them alone at home. He recorded the acts on his cellphone in several cases and used the footage to blackmail and repeatedly rape the women”. “We have received a first formal rape complaint against him and expect more to follow. Many of the women, of course, may choose to never come forward and charge him,” he added. A BSc (Maths) graduate from Krishnagiri College, Arivalagan, worked for a software company in Bengaluru for a couple of years before moving to Chennai in 2015.

“Arivalagan told us during interrogation that he was looking for a job in the city but could not find suitable employment. He started to rob people on the roads and in their homes, often targeting women who were home alone. He raped one robbery victim and soon turned into a sexual predator,” the investigator officer said. The investigators purposely questioned Arivalagan following inspecting his phone and found compromising videos. The officer said that “Arivalagan admitted that he had raped several women at knifepoint in their houses. He gained entry by asking them for water to drink or for directions to an address”.

“Arivalagan forced his victims to give him their mobile phone numbers and contacts. He later called them and threatened to show the videos to their husbands or family members and raped them again on several occasions,” the officer added. According to a senior police officer, Arivalagan seemed to have serious psychiatric problems. He also confessed to police that he not only used the videos to repeatedly rape some women but also enjoyed watching them. The investigators also investigated Arivalagan’s residence in Maduvankarai and seized a laptop.


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