Lessons to Learn From Robert Mugabe's House Arrest


In a chaotic move by the army of Zimbabwe, world’s oldest head of state, Robert Mugabe was held under house arrest when he sought test his luck at the ballot once more.

Robert Mugabe, the 93-year-old war veteran and a Nobel nominee, was one of the most towering leaders of the African nations. He was accredited with bringing stability and good governance to the crisis struck Zimbabwe.

After he assumed power, Robert Mugabe also led to many peace dialogues and ushered in a new pacifist cult in the ever disaster prone Southern African region. Robert Mugabe was a beloved leader and not many people were opposed to his political regime until his second wife, Grace Mugabe, the typist  walked into his life. Grace Mugabe, also known as Gucci Grace, started as a devoted wife but things seem to have changed with Mugabe getting older, and Grace seeming have to let the power reaching her head.

Robert Mugabe, though a revered statesman, was constantly criticised for his farce democratic stunts. Mugabe had been winning election after election, and that was when he was extremely popular, while charges began to raised of rigging elections. Robert Mugabe’s fall started when Grace Mugabe started taking decisions for him and he took his counsel from her.

Grace Mugabe was a typist in the Zimbabwe state house when she first met Robert. Grace, 52 mothered Robert’s 3 children, while the last one was born when he was 73. Grace had taken charge of almost every power role by the time Robert entered his 80s. She had started running the government through him.

Grace also was on the global radar as the western world alleged that Grace was siphoning of the money for her personal pleasures form the Central Bank of Zimbabwe. Robert shared an extremely well rapport with the military till th time Grace ousted Robert’s most trusted comrade, and her successor as well. Grace was famously hated for being a woman with low morals and flaunting her wealth and being unable to control her children.

Grace Mugabe, also used her private business and goons to mine and market Zimbabwean diamonds which are banned for any other business entity. These allegations have been proved to be true from various intelligence reports worldwide.

Robert Mugabe, who was set to assume office as President once again, was led by Grace, who was about to anoint herself as the Vice President, and would have eventually risen to the throne of the President.

The military that has given citizens all the necessary freedom and has allowed al the political parties to stay i the mainstream, has not given any further plans about the future.

The African Union has also declared that they will not accept the coup, meanwhile public reads as a liberation act.

The Gucci Grace has reportedly fled the country with her family while the ailing Mugabe still stays under house arrest. With the turmoil erupting in Zimbabwe, many other nations may follow course and the dictators may be ousted.

Robert Mugabe chose to lead a different life blinded by passion which has led to his fate. Mugabe let his family nourish and flourish at the expense of the thousands dying of diseases and malnutrition. He ran a one man show by often suppressing any opposition, which has led to a stagnant economy.

The lessons to be learnt are, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

With the civil society urging for restoration of democratic institutions in the country, it is now the call of the military to re-invent the nation.



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