Ravishankar's Abrupt Foray in Ayodhya Dispute: Uncalled For


With Sri Sri Ravishankar’s abrupt entry into the Ayodhya dispute is not one that might be of great help to the cause. The matter has been in contest for over 2 decades now.

Sri Ravishankar’s fame has been based on parameters which need more secular approach to the issues involved. In a meeting with the UP CM Mahant Yogi Adityanath, Sri Ravishankar offered to mediate between the parties to the dispute.

As a matter of fact, the last Chief Justice of India, Justice JS Khehar offered that the Supreme Court will involve itself as an arbitrator in the matter if the parties agree to resolve the disputes amicably. Meanwhile, in the SC the Sunni Wakf Board and their leaders have maintained that they don’t believe in any dispute resolution process through dialogue.

The minority community that claims the desecration of the mosque as a blatant attack on their safety in India; andĀ have taken diverse positions. While the Shia board claims that the Ram Mandir issue must be resolved through a peaceful dialogue process, they have also maintained that the temple must be built at the spot.

On the contrary the Sunni Board representatives have maintained a stand that they don’t wish to be a part of the dialogue process, if any, and are satisfied with whatever the judges of the Supreme Court would decide. Sri Ravishankar has been offending the revered Islamic preacher now on a run from authorities, yes, Dr Zakir Naik.

Most of us have seen the war of words that they have engaged themselves in over YouTube .The Islamic Right and the Hindu Right has to be silenced, first, and all the communities must approach the Supreme Court for a resolution. The parties do not need biased mediators and non-state actors touching the issues that affect the lives of masses.

Ravishankar, is a preacher, but his personal fameĀ  has not penetrated the roots and have not led to a rise in his stature as a stalwart with wisdom. Sri Ravishankar, instead of trying to stir the cauldron for his personal advantage must first build up an pro-unity image amongst the people.

The majority people know him as a core fundamentalist, this needs to re-written first before he assumes roles of such kinds. the issue needs to be resolved in a very healthy manner, and must be tackled with ample precision as it involves fact, law and history!

The intrusion of Sri Ravishankar, with all respects is uncalled for, and he must focus on creating a confidence for his ideas among the minority community and must connect with the lower class of the Hindus to have the authority to be present himself as a public figure.

Businessmen like Sri Ravishankar need to do a lot of serious homework before they meddle with the affairs that remain the exclusive preserve of the State. Yogi ji also stated in unanimity with the other parties to the dispute that whatever be the verdict of the Court, it will be acceptable to all. Maintaining the stand in simple words, the BJP has also stressed that the temple needs to be there because that has been the site for worship and is in a deplorable state.

The matters of faith need to be tinkered with, unless with responsible hands. The minority leaders and representatives must also feel the need that secularism is not the story to be narrated by just one community but it has to come from their end too.


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