Maoists Threaten To Kill Journos, Officials And Ministers:Tackling Maoism in India


The Maoists have once again threatened the governments at the state and the centre with attacking a minister,and local district officers for carrying out ‘anti-people’ activities. The threat has been extended to journalists as well who present ‘distorted’ or fake reports regarding encounters.

The threat by Maoists is a very common phenomenon, as it forms a part of their political propaganda. The Maoists killed a journalist Sai Reddy, and used his killing as an exemplar. The governments at the state and the centre have tried and failed to pursue a dialogue approach. The calls for integrating Maoism as a mainstream political ideology in India has also not succeeded.

The Maoists have been killing the security forces on the ground, brutally, in incidents that have caught headlines. The incidents have been so grave that the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and the others have given a cold response despite repeated attempts o counter the jungle wars waged by the Maoists.

The Maoists have reacted to a call by the Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, who requested Bill Gates, the world’s richest man to adopt villages in maoist affected areas. The threats have surfaced in the Bastar region of Bijapur region in Chhatisgarh. There are many states where the state penetration falls to an abysmal low, and Maoists have been keeping themselves active.

The Maoists threaten and chase the contractors as well as the relief aid activists in those regions by creating a fortress with no leakages. This is pushing the regions to remain in sheer adverse situations, where there is a lack of bare facilities.

the map shows the surge of Maoist threat in India which if not tackled today,will make things ugly tomorrow.

This is not just the narrative of one part of Indian sub-continent, where almost every third corner is facing similar problems, the problems faced by the Maoist affected areas is persisting because he government has failed to tackle Maoism correctly.

The Maoists must be dealt with through an armed combing operation conducted in the entire region, as the talks will not foster the renminibi funded rebels to tone down. The state must not let the central states of the country to manage the ops on their own. It is almost close to waging war against India now.

The Maoists must be given a dialogue process with an ultimatum to address their concerns and follow the mainstream course meanwhile the government prepares for all the options at hand. The government must also not look for mediators who often turn to be sympathisers leading to a total failure of the assimilative process.

The government will have to make in roads into the Maoist regions and will have to provide basic amenities. Apart from the regular discourse, they must also deal with the expatriates, defectors and survivors, who must be trained to acquire marketable skills.

The purification process of the complete region will require psychological training to develop co-existent attitudes and streamlining the people. The problem in Kashmir also grew due to the negligence of the successive governments in addressing the issues, while the basis remains the same.

The ideological constraints will have to be challenged ideologically, and not just blind gun fire will emancipate the terror of the Maoists.

Bill Gates might provide the funds needed to unleash a progressive plan for the region, but the government will have to take the masses in confidence with a detailed road-map for future course of action.

The risk of lives of professionals serving the public is not worth taking. This may only be countered with effective methods to face the situation and rehabilitate the people involved.




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