Tehreek-e-Labaik Protests in Pakistan: Calls for Stronger Leadership Ahead


With the intelligentsia shouting out loud and against the right-wing Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s soft stand over the paralytic sit in caused by the protesters of a sprouting Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan, the crisis for strong leadership has been felt.

The over all charisma of Nawaz Sharif seems to be fading due to his stepping down as the President, and the chaos that has followed since then in Pakistan. Last month, the Pakistan Senate cleared a bill, Electoral Laws Amendment Act-2017, whereby the Pakistani legislators will not have to swear by the oath of Prophethood.

The oath and the entire foundation of Islamic Republic of Pakistan seems to be fading away, as the right-wing parties that have remained in the mainstream politics all the while, have shattered the economy.

The Pakistani Finance minister also quit leading to charges of inefficiency and mismanagement,  which don’t put a positive image of the ruling PML-N. The recent stir and sit-in caused by the TLB, which was unknown till now has caused a stand-still in Islamabad, Karachi and Rawalpindi.

The thee core cities of the country have come to halt due to the right-wing TLB trying to gain prominence by opposing the amendments to the electoral laws, which it perceives as demeaning the promise of the founding fathers of Pakistan. The PML-N which is again a right-wing party has lost its glitter with a series of corruption and mismanagement charges which have been fuelled further by taking a protectionist stance towards the protesting TLB comradeship. The PML-N, which is expecting its fortunes to be waning away has not acted on the Islamabad High Court’s order of immediately ending the protests.

This stance has again revealed the trend of vote bank politics where the PML-N does ot want any organisation to bite its shar of vote, thereby allowing to challenge the Sate’s polie powers.

The first round of negotiations between a government team led by Senator Raja Zafarul Haq and the Faizabad protesters came to an end on Saturday evening. The team of protesters was headed by Pir Afzal Qadri, and the talks were held at Senator Haq’s residence. In the outcome, the Pakistani government has accepted to restore the clause of finality of prophethood. Also the protesters have demanded that the Law Minister Zahid  Hamid must be removed immediately and the cases registered against the protesters be withdrawn.

Pakistan has already received flak globally for its inability to reign in the right-wing extreme elements on its home turf, and their closest ally China has also advised them to pursue the task of decontamination. The incidents today have again given a bad repute to the global fraternity, as the government has shown a soft stance and withdrawn the progressive changes that aimed at secularising the nation.

The blunt arm flexing exercise has paid off and this sets another example for other to follow suit. The government has though given a deadline till tomorrow morning 10:00 AM PST, as the deadline for clearing the streets, else the use of force shall be inevitable, yet the TLB seems to be more loud than it was 24 hours ago.

The Pakistani soil needs to look forward and throw is weight behind a leader that has the will to lead Pakistan and change the economy at the earliest. The Pakistani parties need to look for alternative options and create a stable and responsible government so as to usher in change.

It is said, charity begins at home, let Pakistan begin the process of evolution and see beyond the horizon of hate and dogmatic fanaticism.




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