Zimbabweans to march as the country’s ruling party wants Mugabe to resign


The Zimbabwe was set for more political chaos today thru protests planned as veterans of the independence war, activists, and ruling party leaders said publicly for President Robert Mugabe to be removed from office. The marches will cover an unprecedented week in which generals seized power and put Mugabe under house arrest in a striking U-turn for the President who has ruled since 1980.

On Thursday, the 94-year-old autocrat did not resign in talks with the army chief and sources suggested the veteran leader was “buying time” to discuss an end to his 37 year time in power. On Friday, Mugabe appeared in public for the first time at a pre-planned graduation ceremony in Harare, added fueling questions over the status of his discussions with General Constantino Chiwenga, who headed the military power grab. Eight of Mugabe’s ruling party’s 10 regional branches took to state television to call for him to go later in the day. A spokesperson for ZANU-PF’s Midlands region, Cornelius Mupereri, was one of several party barons to come on ZBC’s nightly news to read nearly same statements coming on Mugabe to quit.

The chairman of the independence war veterans’ association, Chris Mutsvangwa, said “the game is up” for Mugabe and declared that streets protests against the president. He said at a press conference in Harare that “It’s done, it’s finished… The generals have done a fantastic job”. “We want to restore our pride and (Saturday) is the day… we can finish the job which the army started,” he added. The veterans’ association supports expelled vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa who’s provoked the army involvement on Tuesday. On the outskirts of Harare, they are expected to organize a gathering at a large sports field in a working-class suburb. The protestors had started coming in the area by midnight local time.


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