Rahul Gandhi's Elevation and Future of The Congress

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It is a historic moment when we see the rise of the youngest Gandhi of the Indian National Congress taking up to the august office of the President of the party in a few days, what will the future of the party look like with RaGa at the helm of affairs?

The Congress has seen many presidents, as undoubtedly it remains one of the oldest political establishments in India, yet this one particular President to be, is faced with the most peculiar challenge that is reviving the party that has been dying slowly over the years.

The stage for Rahul Gandhi’s elevation has been set, riding over a sentiment of revival in Punjab, the new trend of RaGa’s avatar is being seen by many as decisive. The Congress stood decimated in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, to just 44 MPs. This was the lowest performance of the Congress in its entire history.

Rahul Gandhi who has been targeted for being an heir to a legacy which he did not command a right upon, recently asserted that India is a land of dynasties. The RaGa juggernaut is not very popular, as has been seen by clear trends emerging from social media and the trend at gatherings. The Congress has also been desperately trying to push with unfruitful alliances in the backdrop of decimation fears. These are not the tactics that mus be devised if the grand old party has to revive its fortunes.

The Congress after Rajiv Gandhi has seen the most shaky fortunes, and many of the old guard that have been rejected at the polls seem to stir up the cauldron to renovate their fortunes. The past Congress Presidents have been faced with factionalism, and other issues like rebellion inside the ranks and stark opposition from its own rank and file, yet the coalition therapy was not utilised until the rise of Sonia Gandhi.

Today, the Congress has been deserted by all its tall leaders and there are not many new entrants in the party as well to take the mantle of the ideologies of the past. The Congress has also seen the voters turning out indifferently to the calls raised by them, and in the times of reforms, the opposition has also been left deserted by the masses who have seemingly voted for the Modi regime over and again.

Rahul Gandhi’s twitter handle has been seen as one with rising popularity but that has been surfaced as one lacking organic following, rather it remains inorganic. The nation’s tallest and most popular leader still remains Narendra¬† Modi, and the recent trend analysis have shown as popular as ever.

Taking a cue from the recent temple visits by Rahul Gandhi, he is being seen to be trying to assuage and pet the nationalist sentiment, which has given Congress tough times.  Rahul Gandhi, at the helm of the grand old party of India, does not have to work towards re-inventing the Indian National Congress, but also has to create a new ideological framework that aligns itself with the dynamic growth of India.

Rahul Gandhi will also have to apologise to the nation for the coalition blunders and will have to boldly go without alliances in the polls if the brand has to be sold to the voters.

The recent opinion polls show, that most likely the BJP will come back in Gujarat and in the Himachal, BJP is slated to emerge victorious. The fortunes of the Congress under Rahul Gandhi will have to build from a scratch in the run up to the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, as the leaders of the bastion have already supported RaGa to have his way now.



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