Remembering Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Peeking into the Future of Education in India


“Education imparted by heart can bring a revolution in the society”, these were the words of the first education minister of India, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Today after a full 11 days after his birthday, we stumbled upon an article in the Hindustan Times where, we read about the long forgotten, National Education Day.

In none of our schools or higher education institutes we see anybody talking about Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Well, if for beginners we need to tell why do we need to commemorate his birth anniversary, is for a variety of reasons.

The scope of this article remains to focus upon the sad state of education in our nation which made Bill Gates declare publicly that our education system aches him.

To our profound memory, how many reforms have we seen in our education system? Today we seemingly have colleges offering various courses that remain on the top of the shoppers list, for example MBA and B.Tech.

While Maulana sahab understood the importance of education, he also understood the quality of education needed to instil the right set of skills and mental orientation to produce a genius. He has been accredited with the setting up of the IITs, and the Kala Akademis and Arts Institutes.

The importance of education today,is just acquiring a degree and getting a job somewhere. This is as important as the education system is. Our education system, is not producing geniuses, and the cramming loads of data does not help the students to progress in life. The absence of sports training, arts and music hampers the holistic development of individuals with a variety of aspects to their personalities that may be monetized!!

Our course structure does not upgrade itself frequently, nor do our libraries update themselves. Again, our colleges and universities do not harbour a learning cult, but they do promote a mugging cult.

The education system also does not offer flexibility as per the intellect of the student, whereby we still offer straight jacket courses in the high school and intermediate level in streams, where subjects may not be chosen.

Our universities also do not permit exploration and upgrading the syllabus frequently with insights from the real world, and the industry, thus all the students need rigorous training before they may get a direction in their life.

Maulana sahab promoted education and believed that research and innovative thinking will foster in a new era of Indian know how in every field, yet that did not happen. Alternatively, our geniuses deserted their motherland for greener patches outside and continued their lofty work there, and this has been observed in diverse subjects of learning and arts, literature and more.

The Indian education system has to take a big leap and evolve from a more stagnant education system, where none of our IITs or IISCs could feature on the list of top 100 universities of the world.

The intermediate education needs elemental changes of blooming a child rather than burdening them with complicated facts and figures that will not help expanding the horizons of their brains.



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