One-fifth of Cancer Patients Experience Post-traumatic Stress disorder


There is a new and important study has been done on cancer patient that they have a possibility of having post-traumatic stress disorder. According to the study One-fifth of patients with cancer experience post-traumatic stress disorder, this study highlights the need for early identification, careful monitoring, and treatment of PTSD in survivors. Although PTSD is well known to develop in a person who suffers from a traumatic event such as any kind of serious accident or natural disaster, it can also occur in patients diagnosed with cancer. The researchers who done the research at the National University of Malaysia analyzed 469 adults with various cancer types within one month of diagnosis.

Patients who were suffering from that disease underwent additional testing after six months and again after four years. Researchers thought that this amount of time for the test is sufficient for the results.

When they evaluate all the results revealed that the PTSD incidence of 21.7 per cent at six months which followed, with rates dropping to 6.1 per cent at four years follow-up.

According to Caryn Mei Hsien Chan from the National University of Malaysia” many cancer patients trust that they need to adopt a fighting mentality’, and stay positive and optimistic from diagnosis through treatment to have a better chance to beat cancer.”


Caryn Mei Hsien Chan also said “To these patients, who are seeking help for the emotional issues they face is akin to admitting weakness, there needs to be greater awareness that there is nothing wrong with getting help to manage the emotional upheaval – particularly depression, anxiety, and PTSD – post cancer”.

This type of research will definitely help in future to the cancer patients as doctor will have analysis of the patient so that they do not suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Patient will have a good advantage from this study. These kind of study should be done time to time so that mankind get benefits from that.

Becki McGuinness, a patient who was diagnosed with bone cancer, told that the resulting PTSD and depression were the biggest challenges for her. She also added that suffering from an illness of this kind and then having PTSD is more painful.

When Becki was treated with chemotherapy, her age was 21. When it is discovered that it is not working, she was told she would need radiotherapy. She told her story by the time I’d finished radiotherapy, and a few months passed, my periods were stopping.

“It wasn’t until I was 23 that I found out that I’d gone through the menopause and was infertile

It was very painful for her when she knew that her fertility could be saved. She told that she was devastated – even more so when she found out it could have been prevented.

She told that she was waiting a complete month for her treatment. After that she saw a gynecologist who said, ‘If you’d only been sent to me I could have saved your fertility.'” she left with depression and PTSD, which she still lives with seven years on.

She said that she could take all the physical stuff. She could take even that she might die but when something’s taken away and it’s not your choice, that’s what she find quite stressful.

She told that “If you take that person’s choice away, it’s like saying you’re not worth picking for yourself what you want for your future.” Every patients who suffer from this situation know her pain.

Dr. Chan who was researcher of that research in Malaysia also stressed that many patients lived in fear that their cancer may return.

The fear and depression can cause them to skip appointments as they trigger negative memories, which can be detrimental to their health.

The study also established that patients with breast cancer – who received exceptional dedicated support and counselling at the center studied – were almost four times less likely to develop PTSD in the short term.

It is a very useful study and people will get so many advantages from it because doctors will take care of that from the start and will analyze all the things.


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