A Spirit of Resurrection: The Egypt Attack


Before we get on to any discussion upon the al-Rawda mosque ‘butchery’, the author conveys his condolences to all those people who lost their near dear ones, those injured and those people who died. I also request the Lord above to bring the perpetrators to justice soon.

After seeing a series of defeats, the Islamic State and its allies have now sworn to make its presence felt in the nations that do not have many resources to stay on eternal vigil and take up the task of wiping out these enemies of humanity from the face of the earth.

The Friday’s attack at a-Rawda mosque in Bir al-Aed town of Sinai, is a dastardly act, worthy of no words. The attack has taken the world again by surprise, when the protectors of Islam, killed their own brethren during the afternoon prayers in the mosque. The author has time and again seen incidents where mosques have been targeted, and innocents have been killed. The death toll in the incident is around 300 people and around 110 people injured (as confirmed by Arabia News).

The incident has not been claimed by any of the beastly terror-companies, yet the suspicion hints at the splinter group of the erstwhile al-Qaeda, which sided with the ISIS, that has been creating hurdles for security establishment in the past to have perpetrated the attack. The recent targets in Egypt have been the Coptic Christian Churches, and Catholics along with the police and military, yet the recent attacks chose to slaughter Muslims.

The Egyptian politics saw a puritan movement mastered by ex-military chief, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, ousting the Muslim brotherhood, supported by Ayman al-Zawahiri, the commander  of al-Qaeda, in move to secure the secular and  progressive characteristics of the country.

The move has found retaliation from the terror groups, and Sinai peninsula has been a region of turmoil as the region has been used by terrorists to smuggle arms, drugs and resources to fund their operations.

The attack was conducted in a horrifying manner where after a blast, four groups of armed men began shooting the people. The attack saw the killing of the Sufi saints who are progressive peace-loving saints revering shrines and saints. This angers the self-proclaimed protectors of Islam, which is seen a s religion of peace.

The attacks have brought before the world, the prolonged war with terror outfits in and across the world that does not seem to end. The Arab world is moving towards a shift where the Prince of Saudi is seemingly doing much to create unstable power tussles in the region. The middle eastern part of the world is a hotbed for terror and perpetual violence. This needs to find balance and heavy civilisation of the stretches of land.

The dastardly attack has been condemned by the world leaders, but there is not international framework on counter-terrorism drafted yet. The civilised nations need to act together and pool resources to fight the scourge of terrorism together.

The safety and security systems of the global fraternity must be united to combat common enemies of mankind in a spirit of oneness. There is no end to such dastardly men attacking civilians, yet if they have so much of strength, why don’t they face a civilised army?

The need of the hour is a comprehensive agreement on global terrorism, which needs to be implemented at the earliest using state of the art technology to prevent such attacks and neutralising the groups sprouting one after the other. The international community needs to work together and put an obliterating end to the spirit of resurrection being put on display by these groups that come to the verge of decimation every now and then.



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