Egypt Mosque Attack: Things you should know about it


There is no doubt in the fact that the terror attack on a Mosque in Egypt’s Sinai province was shameless and shocking for whole humankind.  No less than 235 people were killed and 120 injured and making it Egypt’s deadliest attack in the history.

People behind the attack

It is still to discover who was behind the attack as no group/organization took the responsibility for this brutal attack, but finger of suspicion has been pointed at the Islamic State-Sinai Province, which is a local affiliate of the terror network led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Another group in the Sinai named as “Jund al-Islam” is also suspected to have relations with al-Qaeda and is clashed to the Islamic state. However, it had issued a “statement of innocence, saying it had no role in the attack on the mosque.

Alternatives for the Egypt government

Right way after President Sisi requested to respond with “utmost force” in a televised address, fighter jets targeted some locations in the region where the mosque is located. However, the politicians and experts criticized the Egypt’s “scorched earth” strategy to go next militants and terrorists in the Sinai, who disputed it to more violence. The president’s options are limited due to the restricted presence of the security forces and the government in the region. The US President Donald Trump supported Sisi, who said on Saturday that the world cannot tolerate “barbaric terrorist” groups when he called the Egyptian president to offer condolences.



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