Two robberies reported in two luxury hotels in Gurgaon


In less than 24 hours, two robberies were reported from two luxury hotels in Gurgaon where weddings functions were taking place. Cash and jewelry worth over 70 lakh was stolen in one case, and in another case, worth of 4.5 lakh stolen. The police said that during a wedding function on Saturday night a bag containing jewellery and cash was stolen from one of the ballrooms of Hotel Leela, inside Ambience Mall on the Gurgaon-Delhi border.

The resident of Noida, Bhushan Sawhney, said to the police that he had booked the hotel’s ballroom for his niece’s marriage. He said to the police that “We had brought along jewellery for the bride and also the family members, and carried cash in another bag, a black one”. The bags were kept on the ballroom’s entrance on a sofa and family members were also sitting nearby to safeguard it. “For a fraction of a second, our eyes must have wandered off, and someone snatched the bags and ran away,” he said to the police. Sawney said to the police that the bags contained diamond and jewellery sets worth Rs 70-80 lakh, and were destined for the bride and groom.

He added that as soon as they realized the bag disappeared, the family called the hotel’s security crew but they apparently weren’t enough rapid to arrive at the place. Sawhney said that there request to close all hotel exits was also not followed. The CCTV camera, on the other hand, near the entrance side from where the bride’s side entered was also not in working condition. The family also alleged that the robber was able to get away with the bag because of hotel’s poor security system and ineffective security personnel. Sawhney added that when they tried to look for the person who stole jewellery on CCTV cameras, most of them were not working. The in-charge of DLF Phase 3 police post, ASI Manoj Kumar, said police are probing the footage and also enquiring the family and guests.

“The footage from the ballroom on which a person can be seen picking up the bag and running away is blurred, making faces impossible to identify. I believe the hotel is involved in the theft, as cameras at its entrance were not functional,” Sawhney told to TOI. There was an immediate ruckus in the wedding hall after the incident. The bags also contained several envelopes of shagun (gifts) from people who had attended the function, said a close source to the family to TOI. The source added that the family that spent several lakhs on hiring the hotel was extremely angry at the “poor security arrangements which led to the incident”.

Under Section 380 (robbery), an FIR was registered at DLF Phase 2 police station based on Sawhney’s complaint. Kumar said that “We’re questioning both families to identify any stranger who might have entered. It’s difficult to identify the thief from the footage as everyone appears to have been wearing similar suits”. In another case, jewellery and cash worth Rs 4.5 lakh were stolen the late night from Westin Hotel on Friday when everybody was busy in clicking pictures. The cash of Rs 4 lakh, eight gold rings, and a gold jewellery set were kept in a bag, said Dheera Singh to the police. Under Section 380 (robbery), an FIR was registered at DLF Sector 29 police station.


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