26/11: A Walk Down The Memory Lane


We as Indians have been blessed with a real governance structure which ensures to support our lives in the best of ways complimenting our defiant ways of dealing with the state and enjoying the freedom to live as we like, each day.

There are nations in our vicinity that envy the freedoms we have here in this diverse land with all its problems and flaws. We have beautiful architecture to cherish, we see dirt to cherish the pure, we see crowds eating foods and connoisseurs enjoying luxurious platters at scenic spots.

26/11, the day of 2008, shook the Indian nation, ridiculed its guests and tried to create a divide all across.  Yes the horrid day that saw a bunch of terrorists storming into the streets of the Indian commercial capital, and slaughtering lives that had their own reasons to live the day.

The perpetrators were exported from Pakistan’s Lashkar-e-Toiba, the gunmen were young lads, who were paid well to commit the suicide attacks. They took people hostage at the Taj, killed people at the CST, and the Nariman point, they also bombed places. In the run upto the wipe ops being carried out by the Mumbai Police and the NSG commandos, we saw many of our brave and courageous officers die.

The Mumbai attacks saw the killings of our guests from abroad, and taught our security establishment the lessons they had to learn, the hard way. The Congress government at the Centre received flak for such a  lack of sight and unpreparedness. We had a national mourning by the time the infiltrators were laid to rest.

The lone survivor of the infiltrating party, Ajmal Kasab, a 21-year-old man, was detained in the custody of the authorities and interrogated. He revealed the entire background of the attack, told the authorities about the planners and the people behind the attacks, Pakistan was to the one to blame. Hafiz Saeed, the dreaded man was the man behind the attacks as th evidence suggested.

Despite blaming the cross border terrorists of denting Indian firewall, the flaws were in our own systems as well. The intelligence systems were not  actively anticipating a terrorist attack, and were clueless. The military response was delayed and the media had shown its despondency by revealing the handlers with the position of the commandos in the real-time. The incident also revealed to us the porosity of our sea borders, along side the presence of traitors breeding on our own soil!

Since then the Indian security establishment has taken leaps forward, India has trained the Indian Coast Guards, there are NSG outposts in every major city, the borders have been patrolled rigorously, and Indian army conducted a successful surgical strike in the POK. The police has been provided with new ammunition, new vehicles and technology systems that help the world to become a safer place.

The horrifying incident has never been repeated on our soil leading to an abundant 300 civilian deaths and bruising the country’s psyche. Yet, there is still more that needs to be done by the security forces that are often caught by amazement when we talk about Uri and Pathankot.

The response of the Indian forces needs to be well-timed and a single command unit must be established to take on the insurgency threats. Our satellite systems must be made robust and sophisticated enough to spot even an earthworm crossing over from the other side. The agencies must act in close consultation and communication with each other to create a closed web of defence. The intelligence system must be supplied with effective technical know how to yield accurate information regarding the safety of the people. Police forces must also see heavy equipment under their disposal and special response teams ready for combat.

We are still learning to defend the beauty of our nation, and evolving each day to expand our consciousness of a nation, we salute to the defenders of the nation, who laid down their lives for us, and all those innocent people who lost their lives to the fury of some fanatics who blaspheme the divine.




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