Uttar Pradesh is Now Bhartiya Janta Pradesh


The clear assessment of the poll counting to the Zila Panchayats, Nagar Nigams, Nagar Mahapalikas and Municipal Corporations spread across 75 districts in the state of Uttar Pradesh saw a very clear mandate set by the people of UP for the rest of the nation.

The data being released by the State Election Commission, evidences a ‘cumulative’ vote share of the BJP amounting to approx 60%, while the Samajwadi Party got a vote share of 36%, the BSP made a come back with 24% votes polled and won Aligarh and Meerut Mayorships, while the Congress remained at 12% of the votes polled. (The vote percentages are approximate analysis of voter trends)

The victory across the State has put the ruling BJP into another responsible mode where Yogi Adityanath seems to have been given a clear support while the Prime Minster remains still popular.

The victory means a great leap for BJP as it is about to test its fortunes in Gujarat and Himachal, where the Congress has been trying hard to steal the show. But as it stands today, the outcome of the BJP mandate in one of the most toughest and complicated electorates, brings a message for all of us to be expecting a bright prospect for the BJP in 2019 elections. The electorate has seemingly affirmed their belief in the BJP rule by giving a handsome mandate yet once again and approving CM Yogi Adityanath.

This is the first time when the ruling party at the state has seen its rules even in the Districts, which makes UP under BJP from top to bottom, a rare feature.

The BSP won in Aligarh and Meerut with putting up its mayors and thus coming into the stream, yet it has a very less vote share. The SP has seen a performance which is dismal, and the Congress is absolutely decimated. This means that Rahul Gandhi must start working and the SP needs to act more.

The BJP will have to deliver more of its promises and will have to bear the mandate with greater responsibilities as this unfurls a completely new chapter in the history of India.

The Saffron party is wining election after election, which is the support of the electorate, while the opposition cries foul over he EVMs. The emotional spree of voters backing the BJP will make the most popular party in the country very soon. With the BJP making inroads in the southern states and the eastern as well, we might be possibly looking at whole different India, now.

We expect the BJP to respect the mandate and perform, to outperform the others and stick to its promises. Our heartfelt congratulations to the BJP for a victory.


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