Redefining the Bhartiya Nari


The social progress in our country is evident as we have many aspects of our society that are evolving. Our Prime Minister says that it is the century of India, and India is awakening to its destiny. Yet, India is marred with its own shackles that prevent it from proceeding ahead.

This is not about any thing that is out-of-place in the recent times, when there is a flurry of incidents of violence being reported against women in India. It has been also an experience how passionate may things become when it comes redrawing the image of the Bhartiya Naari through movies, or literature.

This is the same lot of people who went rallying on the streets when the government wanted to ban porn sites, and here they are abusing women in the first place and then defining the new normal for the Bhartiya Nari.

A girl from Kerala, who fell in love with a gentle man from another community, who has given a fair consent to adopt his religion, she has been dragged to the Court by her father, that too in a litigation which is defective in jurisdiction; it is about Hadiya/ Akhila, the woman who is being trapped in the process defining the Bhartiya Nari. The Bhartiya Nari of today may get education, earn fame, and name, but may not make her own choices relating to many aspects of her life. She has to remain a puppet in the hands of her family and the society.

Another Bhartiya Nari to have faced the storm of Bhartiya Nari, is the late queen Padmavati, which is being seen as a threat to the existence of a community in India. Yes, none of the Chief Ministers, activists did ever get a chance to watch the movie but they don’t want their heroine, Padmavati to be portrayed as a paramour a Muslim, and rather the community would want her to end her life even in the 21st century.

The same Bhartiya Nari which is needed the roll call of the ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ is the one that faces the wrath of carnal instincts of man, and the panchayats decide that they must not be allowed to wear jeans and use smartphones! That is the same Bhartiya Nari which is being raped irrespective of her age.

Why doesn’t the law, the activists and politicians take care of all those rights of women which need actual freedom for them? Why is the Supreme Court not putting up the issue whether the High Court had the jurisdiction to annul a marriage, also why is the society so overtly protective about the freedom of women, while they don’t oppose the stifling of the person of that same Bhartiya Nari?

All leaders intend to define the Bhartiya Nari in some form or the other, yet they don’t endow them with the basic freedom to express themselves as individuals, when there is a need to give more freedoms and voice to women.

The Bhartiya Nari must be brave in today’s time to stand up to her dignity, ideals and choices, progress ahead the way she decides. The narrow perspectives that still persist, like a man having polygamous marriages, must be a taboo, the leaders must safeguard the Bhartiya Nari there, why is it that we will not shield them, there as well.

The Bhartiya Nari must be free to express herself and make the Bhartiya Purusha feel that they seriously need to introspect while they transgress upon the oppressed Bhartiya Nari of the earlier and

What is the definition of a Human with no freedom to express, because there exists a gender bias!

modern-day, in a spree of their misogynistic rage.


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