Killing A Rapist the Permanent Solution for Rapes: Morality & Criminology


The Madhya Pradesh assembly unanimously passed an amendment to the various sections of the Indian Penal Code to send the convicts of rape on minors to the gallows.

The law that the assembly has passed seeks to put the perpetrators of the rape on minors for capital punishment. There is a strong moral argument here that the government seeks to bring forward by imposing a harsh punishment by imposing a stringent punishment on the perpetrators.

Yet, there lies another set of argument on the rape of minors. The rape incidents that have seen women, and their near dear ones openly reporting them and enforcing the rights of the accused, have just been brought out to light. The people who argue on the fact that there needs to be a strict punishment for the act, have neglected the overall psyche of the masses who contribute to the crime being committed widely.

The rape with minors is just not about creating a deterrent atmosphere for people. Rape on any woman for the purposes of law enforcement, is a shame on the society. The people involved in the incidents have a very shallow perspective about women and the carnal desires that any animal is blessed with.

The IPC, has also codified section 377, which talks about unnatural offences, thereby implicating sodomy, bestiality and any other form of intercourse that is against the course of nature. The rape of a child below the age of 12 years is, in it’s every aspect a very shameful slap on a society that boasts of a rich cultural heritage.

The rapes will not just stop by imposing capital punishment. The criminologist will look at the crime with a perspective of finding a more durable solution to the persistent level of perverse mindset in individuals. The paedophiles also need to be put in that category.

The law that the MP government has sought to put in force will obviously put those people who bring shame to humanity by committing rape on a girl child, but will it create a shift in the mindset of the people by instilling morals over criminological precepts?

The criminological outlook only seeks to prevent the crime from recurring either by a deterrent move, or by an exemplary move, or further by any other method that seems to nip the idea in the mind of the perpetrator before it is committed. Then, even those cases, does the new law tend to permit rape on women of older ages, by inflicting a lighter punishment?

The need of the hour is not to put in place a law that conforms to the code of Draco, but rather give a thought that where is the society headed with very shallow morals. The moral policing is not the job of the State, and our society is to be blamed for the moral degeneration taking place today.

The solution does not come as and when the President consents to the law that tends to execute the rapist who victimises a child, but it lies in the fact that the society is made open to talk about the gender sensitisation, and cater to psychological needs of the huge population, that is headed to associating itself with more crimes than ever.


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