"Let There Be Light"- Light Pollution is Real

Light pollution is not a myth, and the observatories may see no space!!

There a loud movement against pollution. People identify pollution with smoke in the air, effluent discharge in the water bodies, soil pollution by solid waste, noise pollution by high decibel sounds. There is no idea doing the minds of people that there might be something equally dangerous as the other forms of pollution, originating from a very necessary pillar of human life.

When Edison invented the bulb he must have never thought that his invention, the bulb might assume much significance as a pollutant in the later years of the civilisation. It is the same bulb, that produces the same light that Jesus wanted to bring to the world.

Today, apart from the other forms of pollution, there is a very prominent threat to the flora and fauna from the ever persistent and increasing cover of light. Researchers have found that there is a very prominent disruption in the circadian cycles of organisms in the plant and animal kingdom due to excessive increase in the lightning on the earth’s surface.

There have been many researches conducted by horticulturists who have further affirmed that due to artificial light the plant have never been able to live in complete darkness. NASA’s hubble has shown the hue of the halogen bulbs and the yellow bulbs across the globe for years. This has been changed to blue hue from the LED bulbs. The blue hue has a tendency to spread to good distances, and has shown a geometric rise in the density in the years that have passed. The International Space Station has affirmed the hue on the earth in its images, and the observatories all over the globe have reported disturbances caused due to presence of hue in the earth’s atmosphere.

The rise in lighting hue has been seen all over, with developing countries increasing the penetration of electricity while developed countries moving to heavy lighting. The artificial lighting has reduced clarity of the night skies, and has shown abrupt sleep, health issues in humans, and animals. Prolonged exposure to artificial light has also proved harmful for plants.

These are indicating towards an increased rate of problems caused by excessive use of artificial lights in the years to come. There is a need to spread awareness about the impact of excessive artificial lighting. The artificial lights being used in domestic settlements must be used in a regulated manner. The citizens must be discouraged from exposing themselves to prolonged hours of artificial light. The street lighting must be reduced to provide sufficient lights, which will reduce hue in the skies and put the balance of the circadian cycles over a period of time.

The disruption in the circadian cycles and blinding the earth’s surface due to light have potential risks which may also catalyse photo chemical reactions in the atmosphere as there are always good amount pollutants in the air.

The awareness will need to be complemented by government’s assistance to use smart lighting tools to provide a fair amount of artificial lighting. The environment today deserves our attention like children deserves when they show signs of diseases.

The light pollution, if continued will create a dense hue which will cause complete invisibility in the night, and we may need to use sunglasses in the nights as well.



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