Man burnt alive in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand district over alleged case of love jihad


In a shocking incident, a Muslim laborer from West Bengal was burnt alive for allegedly committing ‘love jihad’. The perpetrator of this heinous crime on Dev heritage road in Rajnagar Area made a video of the crime and uploaded later on the social media. The culprit has been arrested now.

The police at first had received information about the semi-burnt body of a man being found. The senior police officials found a badly disfigured body when reached the location. The police also asked nearby people to identify the burnt person. The burnt person in the video was identified as Mohammed Bhatta Sheikh. As per information, agriculture equipment was used in the murder. The dead man’s slippers and bike were also found from the location of the murder. An attempt was made to burn the victim by putting kerosene on him. The police have started its investigations.

A video has surfaced on the social media where one can witness a person named as ‘Shambhu Nath Raigar’ beating the victim ‘Mohammad Bhatta Sheikh’ in the video. It can be easily seen in the video that the culprit hits the man with agricultural equipment, then throws kerosene on his body and burns it. Raigar can be seen clearly in the video warning that those indulge in ‘love jihad’ will be met with same fate. The Rajsamand police are conducting more investigations into the case.



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