The Hate Concoction: Rajasamand and Beyond


The Rajasmand killing, which has been branded as the rarest of cases, is another slap on the face of humanity. The incident as has been affirmed was an outcome of blind rage that took its form at the hands of a marijuana smoker.

This is not to imply that the murder was an outcome of marijuana, yet it brings to the fore the ripples brought about by the ‘Hinduism in crisis’ paraphernalia. The religion in danger call is one that benefits none but only those who seek to reap the benefits that the polarisation has to offer.

The incident that went viral on social media, was followed by a surrender of the perpetrator. The perpetrator has no history of committing any crime before this, and he has no history of any psychological disorder. The incident was a gruesome act.

The move may not be blamed on the government or the people in the locality. The man justified his acts on the basis of his passion for the cause of love jihad. The alleged that the victim had forced one Hindu lady to adopt Islam, against her wishes.

The act has been condemned by the administrative and the politicians of all hues. The act has brought to the fore the sensitivity of the issue where people may tend to exaggerate on the passion instilled by certain leaders who do not intend to incite any violence. The psychological factors that led to this gruesome act have no correlation with any political narrative of the modern times.

This is peculiarly characterised by the pervasive mindset that a man nurtures under the influence of popular notion, and hatred. The leaders must act more responsibly as the masses may not be able to read the exact meaning of the calls.

Further, the parties must also resort to a little more responsible moral preaching when the masses don’t seem to be behaving responsibly in the wake of the ‘gau-raksha’ and ‘ghar wapsi’ crusaders.

The issue needs to be tackled very responsibly by the people of the two communities whereby they may forsake the opportunity to express hate towards one another due to an act, which is criminal in nature and attributable to not the people.

There has to be a responsible analysis of the ‘love jihad’ concept. As humans are emotional beings, there remains a stark possibility that people from two different communities may fall in for each other. The Hadiya incident, has an aspect which needs attention, if during the process of love, someone takes an undue advantage to impose upon the other their religious ideology through fear and brainwashing tactics, with an aim to appease their community needs to be condemned.

Our parens-patriae MK Gandhi laid the foundations of rule of law and unity for the diverse Indian people, the law provides a law for special marriages and allows people to practice, profess and propagate their religion.

The Supreme Court also wisely declared that there is no mandate or law which automatically changes the religion of the lady after she marries a man from a distinct community. The court has also opened its doors to accommodate the clamours of disguised conversions happening, this tends to facilitate the evolution of the psyche of the masses, while the people like Shambhulal Raigar needs to be condemned in the interests of the community.


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