The Jerusalem Jugglery


The Trump administration has declared to move the US embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This breaks the long sustained stand of the US that supported the claims of the Palestinians over the sacred land.

The diplomatic shift in the US has reared apprehensions in the west Asian region that US is pushing ahead its oil diplomacy in a concerted move to put the region in a different position from its past. Donald Trump and Jared Kushner, have supported the clean up efforts of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Salman. The clean up followed by Prince Salman is projected to increase the formidability of the unstable Arabian Kingdom, which will promote itself to create a new pole.

The US policy in the western Asia has been based around the oil diplomacy for over the years. The Iranian rise has been a threat to create a strong pole in the OPEC community. The US has always condemned the rise of Iran amid fears that the Muslim world may move towards a stable and unified outlook that will harm the future of the oil diplomacy of the US.

The US also sustained the Palestininan cause so far to create a balance in the field of Israeli dominance in the region. In the shifting western politics, the US is seeing Israel as a trusted ally to create a direct and a reliable base in the middle east that also acts as a counter to the Northern African region.

The Northern African region is seeing the rise of Turkey and Egypt that have cemented their ties while the Russians seem to be playing the good host to the improving relations. The US is seeking to curb its expenses and fortifying its position in the global politics has called for seeking Israel’s support to follow the charter of moving forward with its oil diplomacy, and consolidating its frail economy.

The move taken by the US has had wide repercussions with Saudi officials and Palestinian officials condemning the move, while there is a speculation that Jared Kuhsner has assured Prince Salman and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas deep and favourable engagement with the two for backing Israel.

The Russians have not given any comment, while Benjamin Netanyahu has asked other world powers to follow the lead of the US and has urged the global fraternity to support its claim over the sacred land.

A strong Israel backed by Arabia and Palestine will counter Russia backed Iran and Syria, who are the largest economic powers, while Qatar will also align with the Russians in today’s time.

The Indians will have to look for a balanced stand, as supporting any cause that may mean detrimental to the world equations. The Indian stand has been to support the claims of Palestine and has tried to promote development that has been sponsored by Israel. This will lead to a stable oil market, and the Indians will benefit from the OPEC prices which shall remain stable if the better part of the global fraternity supports a stable middle east.


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