Time to learn from the last match and deliver in the upcoming ones, not to lost hope


We’ve been witnessing so many articles and TV debates on various platforms criticizing the Indian team for its bad performance against Sri Lanka in first ODI match at Dharamshala. Yes, we know that they performed disaster in the first match in a Virat-less Indian team but it doesn’t mean that we start degrading our cricketers just because of the poor performance in one match. Such kind of performance wasn’t expected from an ace batting line team like India but it was just not our day.

Media needs to calm down a bit and supporters should support Indian team at its bad as well

Probably every media platform is criticizing Indian cricket team for its poor performance in the 1st ODI against Sri Lanka but is its worth to criticize team just after watching the performance in one match. The Indian media should understand the fact that we can’t expect Indian team to perform exceptionally well in every single match and win that too. It never happened. Criticizing Indian cricket team so badly just because they performed poorly in one match is not going to take the fact that Indian team is playing amazingly good from last some years. The ongoing debates on the performance of Indian cricket team, doing a postmortem on their prime time shows and various sites, are only describing us the immature behavior of Indian media.

Coming to the true Indian cricket lovers, you are the real reason why cricket is loved and celebrated like religion in our country and we should love our religion at its weak point as well. We just request all the cricket lovers to not lose hope and condemn the team and players as it has happened many times in the past as well when Indian cricket team plays bad cricket once in a while. That performance was definitely not expected from such a world-class team but we also can’t expect Indian team performing best and winning every match. All our team need is support from its supporters as that will not only benefit its morale but also encourage them to perform better in the upcoming matches.

Time to learn: The Rohit Sharma team and his young team

The young experimented team of Rohit Sharma without its most consistent player Virat Kohli got a reality check in Dharamshala through its performance. The younger players like Manish Pandey, Kedar Jadhav, and Shreyas Iyer will get the chance to perform and show their skills in the ongoing series as the captain Rohit Sharma mentioned earlier. From the imbalance selection of the team to poor performance of Indian batting line, the Indian team has many reasons in their hands now to recognize why they miserably failed at Dharamshala match. But it’s the time to look forward and learn from these mistakes for the Indian team. Such experiences will help only the Indian team in playing various conditions. The Sri Lanka series can be seen as preparation for the Indian team to brace themselves for the South Africa tour.


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