Happy Birthday Rajinikanth: Why this superstar is an inspiration for all of us


Is there any need to mention the fan following of Rajinikanth in the Southern cinema? Not at all. The 67-year-old actor is idolized in the purest form by his fans. Many believe him as their god as well. Superstar Rajinikanth is much more than just an actor for his fans. His onscreen mannerisms, unique dialogue delivery, and his everlasting charismatic personality are some of the reasons why he is still being the most celebrated actors in the country. We will tell you why the superstar is an inspiration for all of us.

A self-made man

The superstar Rajinikanth had to face many hardships during his developmental years. His father was a Bangalore based Marathi constable, and he was later also forced to work as a coolie to earn his livelihood. After that, the superstar ‘Thalaiva’ tried to earn some extra money by starting working as a bus conductor. His financial stability, however, was still a long way to go and touch crores in income but Rajinikanth never loses hope and fought hard with every challenge that came in his way for a better future.

Rajinikanth’s humble nature

Rajinikanth is one rare superstar who has never let his stardom come from his fans. The superstar is famous for his humbleness and down to earth nature. The 67-year-old actor showed his down to earth behavior at the audio launch of ‘Robot’ when Rajinikanth made fun of himself and thanked Aishwarya Rai for agreeing to work with him. Even at some other occasion, Rajinikanth called himself as just a “small king” when compared to the Shahenshah Amitabh Bachchan.

The self-sacrifice actor

When last year Chennai witnessed a disturbing flood which brought life to a dead end, the actor requested his fans not celebrate his birthday and instead help the flood victims return to normal life. There are many actions of the superstar that proves he’s truly an unselfish actor. It was also depicted in 2002 when he offered financial help to the makers of his ‘Baba’ when the film didn’t perform well at the box office. He’s truly golden-hearted man.

We wish the superstar Thalaivaa of Indian cinema, a very happy birthday.


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