The RIC Equation


The Indian Minister for External Affairs Mrs Sushma Swaraj hosted the foreign ministers from Russia and China on a joint visit to India. While many observers find it to be not worthy of any substance as they warn India to not to rely on the Chinese diplomacy, there is a wider perspective this Russia-India-China trilateral has to offer to Indians.

While Russians have distanced themselves from any direct association with the Pakistanis, China has remained the only all-weather ally, while at the same time China has asked Pakistan to reign in the various terrorists that make Pakistan bite bullets at every international forum.

The RIC is a group of the most powerful nations of Asia and one of the most powerful nations apart from the US led European bloc in the UN. This grouping on a joint statement at New Delhi fastened the beliefs that all these nations believe in countering terrorism at the bud. This means a lot to the trouble that has been fomenting in Pakistan, which is unrestrained and is actually detrimental to its own health.

The Indian side has not been able to reach any consensus with the Chinese on Jaish-e-Mohammad, and they have not even pressed for any such consensus with the Chinese, yet there is a wide consensus relating to Taliban, Lashkar-e-Toiba, al-Qaida, ISIS and a few more infiltrators.

The Russians, Chinese and Indians co-operating to counter terrorism offers  another dimension to the void which the Asian powers had created over creating a progressive stand on the American NATO which has been creating unstable equations in the Asia minor and elsewhere.

While the world is being marred by polarisation, an Indian partnership with the Russians and Chinese offers the ability to negotiate and deal with all outcomes of polarised world where India will witness the success of the non-aligned stand taken by it since long.

The fears that China may move in an ill productive manner to rope in all the developing nations to corner India are also ill-founded when China and Russians have accepted the Indian hospitality and have asked India to partner with China to share a mutual growth story, which is not narrated by the hegemonic America led Euro bloc.

The Russia-India-China is not a trickery as long as it serves a common purpose at the UN as well and creates a strong partnership. None but the idealists would expect a sudden change in the plans of the Chinese, yet the Chinese who have been abiding by the international law at all times, must be given a benefit of doubt once.

The program also offers scope for Xi Jinping’s ideas to involve all the political ideologies of the globe to formulate a common minimum program for enhanced mutual co-operation and trust.

This will not trick the world but provide a suitable alternative to India to promote its leadership in the UN, while the world struggles to get square with the Brexit and a weakening US.



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