HRD Ministry Official Jeetendra found dead on railway tracks in Delhi, family claimed he was murdered


The family of HRD ministry official alleged that he was killed and his body was dumped on railway tracks. The Indian civil accounts service Officer Jeetendra Kumar Jha’s body was found on railway tracks on Monday in Palam, who went missing for three days. However, the police said that it was a case of suicide since a claimed note was found in which he said no one was accountable for his death.

On Thursday, Jha’s family was not able to identify his body firstly. But when police showed a wallet and clothes, then they identified the body. Jha’s brother-in-law RN Mishra said that the body was damaged beyond imagination and that’s why they could not recognize it. He claimed that there was some conspiracy behind Jha’s death. “Three-four months ago, he had said that he won’t live long. He was scared for his life,” Mishra told PTI. He added that Jha was scared and was not even going to work and had been on leave. “He had even stopped visiting our house late in the night. If we had to meet him, we would have to visit his home,” said Mishra.

The reason why Jha used to leave his phone at home was to make sure that his location could not be tracked. “He would leave his cell phone behind since he feared that his location might be tracked and he might be attacked. Even on the day he went missing, he had left his phone at home,” Mishra said. They said that Jha went missing from Dwarka on Monday after going for a walk. The police had said that Jha was not going to the office and was on medical leave from September 28.




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