By 2020: 76,000 Indian Lives can become cost of lack in early diagnosis of Breast Cancer


Breast cancer may kill 76,000 Indian women in a year by 2020, A study says, one of whose researchers is of Indian origin because of Lack of early diagnosis.

The most commonly single of diagnosed type of cancer among women in India, breast cancer claimed 70,218 lives in 2012, the revision published in the Journal of Business Research showed, it also discovered that the average age of death from the disease has shifted from 50 years to 30 years.

Vijay Pereira, said the scale of the difficulty is huge and has major policy implications for the Indian government, Associate Dean (Research) at the University of Wollongong in Dubai.

He further added that there were multifaceted challenges at national, state and community levels.

Pereira said “What is clear is that healthcare at state-level must transform to deliver quality care and awareness,” Women do not access wellbeing services and are unenthusiastic to discuss with male doctors, neglecting their healthiness due to family obligations. They are over-dependent on other family members. All of these cause delay in diagnosis, the researchers said.

Therefore humanizing Indian men about the meaning of early diagnosis for breast cancer, could be key to halt the disease which is turning into an epidemic as per the researchers suggested.

Judith Fletcher-Brown from the University of Portsmouth in England said “India is still a patriarchal society. Even though women are now-a-days are in accountable jobs and earning for their families, it’s the men who are the head of the household.”

Yet cultured qualified women do not discuss private matters about their bodies with their husbands, fathers or brothers. So it’s essential to direct health messages towards men, Fletcher-Brown said.

  • As per the searchers, Larger urbanisation and fast economic development are also responsible for the rise in breast cancer rates
  • The women who have children at a later age and breast feeding are less, which increases their chances of developing the disease.
  • Operational women in urban India often have a more western diet leading to obesity. That also increases the risk.
  • The study said community health nurses had the greatest impact in raising awareness of early breast cancer symptoms.

In addition, good channels by which awareness could be raised in young women mainly through schools and media.

Now-a-days the developing economy of the country has given the opportunities to the women to independence as well as to be career oriented; yet, these educational women are put to risk due to the need of responsiveness in breast cancer.

On the other hand, in finding the conclusion of the study shows that these campaigns are not winning in reaching the target audience. After recognizing these issues, the Government of India, , has invested money in marketing campaigns through non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The manifestation of this crisis in India is mostly evident in the flourishing cities like

  •        Delhi
  •        Mumbai
  •        Bhopal
  •        Kolkata
  •        Bengaluru
  •        Chennai
  •        Ahmedabad

Where job opportunities for women are rising, according to a new report states that providing employment to more women in the country might add $2.9 trillion to India’s annual GDP by 2025.

A healthy female workforce is vital for the nation benefit; it can help to sustain its thriving economy. The Government of India has to implicate major policies to tackle the problem as the extent of the issue is huge and with better targeted campaigns, said Professor Vijay Pereira, second author on the paper.

He further added: “What is clear is that the state healthcare sector must transform itself to deliver quality breast cancer healthcare and awareness underpinned by effective use of social marketing campaigns. Health marketers working in India’s emerging economy as this research presents several proposals that would assist.”


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