8-year-old girl gang-raped by a 19-year-old boy and 5 minors in Pune


In Pune, an eight-year-old girl was gang-raped by one 19-year-old boy and five minors. The incident came to highlight when the girl revealed to her mother that she was suffering from pain in her lower stomach following which the parents took her to a nearby hospital. The doctor informed the girl’s father that she was raped following conducting a medical examination.

Following this, the girl was asked about it and she took the name of six boys. The doctor later directed the parents to take the matter to the nearest police station. To file an FIR, the parents went to Kondhwa police station. All the six boys between the age of 12 and 19 were arrested following a female cop wrote the report. The accused were of the same locality and attended the same school as the victim. The girl also confessed that the attackers would give her chocolate and take her to the terrace of the building she lives in. Later, they used to rape her there. As per the police, the accused were raping the eight-year-old since August 2017.


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