Uttar Pradesh is Now Bhartiya Janta Pradesh

The clear assessment of the poll counting to the Zila Panchayats, Nagar Nigams, Nagar Mahapalikas and Municipal Corporations spread across 75 districts in the state of Uttar Pradesh saw a very clear mandate set by the people of UP for the rest of the nation.

The data being released by the State Election Commission, evidences a ‘cumulative’ vote share of the BJP amounting to approx 60%, while the Samajwadi Party got a vote share of 36%, the BSP made a come back with 24% votes polled and won Aligarh and Meerut Mayorships, while the Congress remained at 12% of the votes polled. (The vote percentages are approximate analysis of voter trends)

The victory across the State has put the ruling BJP into another responsible mode where Yogi Adityanath seems to have been given a clear support while the Prime Minster remains still popular.

The victory means a great leap for BJP as it is about to test its fortunes in Gujarat and Himachal, where the Congress has been trying hard to steal the show. But as it stands today, the outcome of the BJP mandate in one of the most toughest and complicated electorates, brings a message for all of us to be expecting a bright prospect for the BJP in 2019 elections. The electorate has seemingly affirmed their belief in the BJP rule by giving a handsome mandate yet once again and approving CM Yogi Adityanath.

This is the first time when the ruling party at the state has seen its rules even in the Districts, which makes UP under BJP from top to bottom, a rare feature.

The BSP won in Aligarh and Meerut with putting up its mayors and thus coming into the stream, yet it has a very less vote share. The SP has seen a performance which is dismal, and the Congress is absolutely decimated. This means that Rahul Gandhi must start working and the SP needs to act more.

The BJP will have to deliver more of its promises and will have to bear the mandate with greater responsibilities as this unfurls a completely new chapter in the history of India.

The Saffron party is wining election after election, which is the support of the electorate, while the opposition cries foul over he EVMs. The emotional spree of voters backing the BJP will make the most popular party in the country very soon. With the BJP making inroads in the southern states and the eastern as well, we might be possibly looking at whole different India, now.

We expect the BJP to respect the mandate and perform, to outperform the others and stick to its promises. Our heartfelt congratulations to the BJP for a victory.

Everybody should respect Supreme Court’s verdict, Salman Khan on Padmavati

On Thursday, Salman Khan said that it was not right to hurt people’s sentiments and nor was it accurate to come on conclusions without seeing the film, as the 51-year-old actor talked about the ongoing Padmavati issue at the 15th edition of the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. The Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s epic drama film has been banned in several states and the Rajput Karni Sena and other fringe outfits also threatened the lead actor Deepika Padukone and director Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

“If the Supreme Court gives its verdict, or the Censor Board gives its certificate, everybody should respect it,” Khan said. While answering the question of the editor of the news portal The Print, Shekhar Gupta, the actor jokingly said that he also had an objection against the director as “I gave Bhansali two hit films and he took Shahrukh Khan in his next.” The Khan-Bhansali duo has worked in several films like Khamoshi, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, and Saawariya. The 51-year-old answered the questions on the ongoing controversy of Padmavati quite cleverly and diplomatically.

Salman also added that he had never heard about the incidents of casting couch in the Hindi Film industry. “Nobody has ever come forward and confessed about it. Nobody has said it in as many words… If some lady and man will come to me with casting couch complaints then I will take them to the cleaners,” Khan said. When he was asked that how he copes with failures in life, Salman replied that “Now I am used to it. The most unlucky you are in love, the luckiest you are.

Arnab Goswami, Republic TV can report on Sunanda case, but right to silence should be respected: Delhi HC

On Friday, the Delhi High Court refused to stop journalist Arnab Goswami and his Republic TV from airing news or debate on Shashi Tharoor’s wife Sunanda Pushkar’s death case but added that the Congress MP’s “right to silence” should be respected. The right to air the story cannot be taken but a balance needs to be maintained, said Justice Manmohan.

The Delhi High Court also asked Goswami and Republic TV to send an advance notice for his views to Shashi Tharoor before airing any news relating to the death of his wife. “Every individual has a right to silence. He cannot be forced or compelled to speak on the issue,” the judge said. The order of court came on three different applications filed by Congress politician Shashi Tharoor in his Rs 2 crore defamation case against Goswami and his channel for allegedly making defamatory remarks against him during news airing relating to his wife’s mysterious death.

On the night of January 17, 2014, Sunanda Pushkar was found dead in a mysterious way in a suite of a five-star hotel. On May 29, the court had said that the journalist and his channel can put stories about the facts related to the investigation of Pushkar’s death but could not call Thiruvananthapuram MP Shashi Tharoor “a criminal”.

Dealing With The Abuse of Dowry Laws: An Initiative for the SC

The Supreme Court has culled from various sources and has decided to do away with or implement with some changes a procedure given out by Justice(s) UU Lalit and Ashok Bhushan, whereby they clipped the police of their powers to immediately arrest the accused in a case of 498A- IPC.

In the aforesaid judgement, the Court also laid down the foundations of a fact-finding committee which had three members, and all of them males, to inquire whether the allegations of torture are corrector not.

The Amicus Curiae, Ms Indu Malhotra appointed by the Court has said that there is no need of such a committee which defies the purpose of such a law, as the dowry laws grant immediate relief to the victim in cases of dowry related violence.

Thus there is a wide issue that here demands attention of the Court as well as our law makers. The sudden change that the Dowry Protection laws did bring in the society has led to a reduction in dowry related violence, yet there is the human nature that assumes more significance and changes things for people.

The Dowry laws were put in place at a time when the incidents of death and dowry related violence were on the rise and had caught considerable attention. The menace had been so rampant that even the cinema took to the cause.

Now over the years there is more awareness and the literacy rate among women have considerably gone up, in the wake of such commendable situations, the Dowry laws have also assumed the role of a purely legal weapon to extort money from the husband and his family. There have been incidents where many husbands have been held in detention only to discharged later due to lack of evidence. There are occasions recorded across India where the woman and her family use the legal machinery to their advantage and threaten the family of the husband to meet their demands when the marriage is at the point of no recovery.

The abuse of the law that was meant to protect the rights of the women, has thus assumed the role of a tool for harassment, and while not acknowledging this amicus curiae said that a fact-finding committee does a disservice to the aim of the law.

It must be borne in mind that law may not confer special privileges to one gender while not providing for a mechanism to resist the abuse of the privilege by the members of the same gender against the other.

The Court may not completely do away with the policy being laid down in the judgement. If the CJI, Dipak Misra feels that it is a transgression of the judicial mandate, then they may move a request with a detailed report, as to why the in the opinion of the Judiciary there needs to be a change in the dowry related laws while in motion.

This is a matter that needs attention as the stigma of dissolution of marriage and the stigma of spending sometime in a jail produces unhealthy experiences for citizens. The law must only come to the aid of those aggrieved and must protect the innocent. It is therefore the task of the judiciary to take up hurdles faced by the law in motion, and a mechanism to ascertain the veracity of every complaint pertaining to dowry related cases may be a good move in the same direction.


Uttar Pradesh civic polls results Live: BJP leading as per the recent trends

In the counting of the essential three-phase Uttar Pradesh municipal elections, the trends so far showing BJP’s going ahead in most municipal bodies with big leads in Kanpur and Ayodhya-Faizabad. The UP civic polls were also expected to be a test showing the popularity of Yogi Government in the state. As per the early trends, the BJP was leading at most of the seats, followed by BSP in two places.

The candidates of BJP were leading seats including Lucknow, Aligarh, Ghaziabad, Gorakhpur, Allahabad, Varanasi, Moradabad and Faizabad municipal corporations whereas the BSP was leading in Agra and Jhansi Municipal Corporation. The results of civic polls will be seen as the acceptance of Yogi Government’s performance in the last seven months.

Here are live updates

13:55 pm

Ghazipur municipal corporation status:

Ward 9: SP candidate Rubi Yadav wins

Ward 3: BJP’s Santoshi Devi wins

Ward 10: SP’s Pervez Ahmed wins

13:54 pm

Saharanpur Mayor Seat: BJP’s Sanjeev Walia wins

Amethi Mayor Seat: BJP’s Chandrama Devi wins

13:44 pm

Aligarh Mayor Seat: BSP’s candidate Md. Fukran wins

13:39 pm

Hamirpur’s Maudaha Municipal Council (Nagar Palika) status: 198 seats

Ward 9: Independent candidate Reshma is leading

Ward 10: Independent candidate Qutubuddin

Ward 12: Independent candidate Sajjan

Ward 14: Independent candidate Shiv Kumar Soni

Ward 19: Independent candidate Kiran

Ward 21: Congress candidate Islammuddin

Ward 23: Independent candidate Ishak Ahmad

Ward 24: Independent candidate baburana

13:22 pm

Thanabhavan seat: Independent candidate Rafat Pravin wins

13:19 pm

Moradabad Mayor Seat: BJP Candidate Vinod Agarwal wins

13:13 pm

Varanasi Mayor Seat: BJP mayor candidate leading

Firozabad Mayor Seat: BJP mayor candidate leading

12:59 pm

Bhadohi Municipal Council: Round 4

BJP leading in Suriyawa Nagar Panchayat

BJP leading in Ghosiya Nagar Panchayat

BJP leading in Nai Bazar Nagar Panchayat

BJP leading in Gyanpur Nagar Panchayat

BJP leading in Ghosiya Nagar Panchayat

BSP leading in Khamariya Nagar Panchayat

Independent candidate leading in Gopiganj municipality

BJP leading in Bhadohi municipality

12:58 pm

Ayodhya Nagar Nigam Seat: BJP’s Hrishikesh Upadhyay wins from Faizabad

12:29 pm

Panchayat Chairman Election: BJP’s Sanjay Dixit wins

11:44 am

Mathura (Ward 56) Seat: BJP candidate Meera Agarwal wins the seat through the lucky draw as both had got 874 votes.

Japanese automaker Nissan sues India for outstanding dues, asks for more than $770 million

As per a person who knew with the matter and documents reviewed by Reuters, the Japanese automaker Nissan Motor has started international settlement against India to seek more than $700 million in a clash over unpaid state incentives. The Nissan asked for payment of incentives due from the Tamil Nadu government as part of a 2008 agreement to create a car manufacturing plant in the southern state in a legal notice sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year.

Nissan said that they requested again and again to state officials for the payment, due in 2015, were ignored and even a plea by the company’s chairman Carlos Ghosn to Modi last year in March asking federal assistance did not produce any results, as per the notice. In July 2016, the notice sent by Nissan’s lawyers was followed by more than dozen meetings between federal and state officials and Nissan executives, said the person who is aware of the matter of anonymity.  However, the federal officials from various ministries reassured Nissan that the payment would be made, and it should not bring a legal case.

Nissan, on the other hand, gave India an ultimatum in August to appoint a negotiator, the person said, adding the first arbitration hearing will be in mid-December. However, a Nissan spokesperson said the company was “committed to working with the government of India toward a resolution,” but not described much. The official told Reuters that “There is no discrepancy with regard to the amount due, and we are trying hard to resolve the issue”.